Membership FAQ’s

How much does it cost to join IAOTH

Full Membership is $39.99/€39.99pa.
Student Membership is $1 for the first year, then just $10pa. Your membership starts on the date that your eligibility is approved. To compare memberships, click here

What are the differences between your Memberships?

The IAOTH offers 2 types of memberships to suit practitioner needs, a student level membership and a full membership for qualified practitioners. You can view all the member benefits and options by clicking here

What happens if I have been given free membership from a recommended course provider?

If you have been given 1 years free membership of the IAOTH as part of completing a training course with a recommended course provider then you will be sent an email two weeks before your membership is due to expire to renew your membership at the full membership level and to maintain the level of benefits that you have enjoyed for free for the year including your directory listing with free advertising.

How long does it take for my IAOTH Membership to be approved?

Your IAOTH Membership will be approved normally within 5 business days depending upon the number of our pending applications, bear in mind that we will need to check your qualifications so please make sure you upload all relevant documentation on application. Once you have been approved for IAOTH membership and have been issued a membership number, you will be issued with a membership certificate to support you for insurance purposes etc

I need insurance right away. Do I join the IAOTH first or contact the insurance company

First step is to join IAOTH. Once you are an approved member, we will provide you with access to our members special rates for insurance cover with PolicyBee. Do remember there are other insurance service providers too.

I have gained therapist qualifications in other countries can I still join the IAOTH?

Yes, we accept Practitioners and Therapists who have gained qualifications internationally, provided their certification and training meets our criteria and internationally recognised standards.

What kind of training and qualifications does the IAOTH recognise?

The IAOTH recognises over 1,100+ complementary therapies and modalities. Certified documentation will be required to recognise membership and we check all applicants eligibility with their qualification provider. We offer membership to a diverse number of natural therapies as well as recognising numerous international qualifications. The IAOTH also welcomes training providers who offer correspondence and distance education courses in natural therapies provided the training meets our criteria and standards.

Can overseas applicants join the IAOTH

Yes, we are an international organisation offering international membership.

What do I need to submit in order to gain membership?

As a qualified practitioner you will need to attach copies of these qualifications along with the IAOTH membership registration form online. If the qualifications are in another language other than English your certificates will need certified translation and witnessed by a JP to officiate the documents. We then do a background check on your qualification and training to see if you qualify for membership with the IAOTH.

Is it compulsory for all IAOTH Members to have Public Liability Insurance?

We advise all our Members to take out comprehensive Insurance it is in your own interest to do so. In order to maintain IAOTH Membership each new member is required to have taken out Practitioner Insurance within six (6) months of joining the IAOTH.

I am a member of other Associations. Can I also be a member of the IAOTH?

Yes, we welcome membership to members of existing Associations.

I have several practitioners in my practise, are we required to take out separate IAOTH Membership?

Yes, separate IAOTH Membership is required for each individual practitioner.

As a current IAOTH Member, how do I add new qualifications to my existing Membership?

Any new qualifications that you have gained after you have been approved as an IAOTH Member, can be added onto your membership. Just send us a copy and we will add this to your file. You will also have access to update your profile listing on the directory using your member log in details.

I am currently studying. Is it necessary to wait until I have graduated before I join?

We recommend you join as a Student Member whilst undertaking training in natural therapies, then upgrade your membership once you graduate.

From which date is my IAOTH Membership valid?

Your IAOTH membership is valid for 365 days from the day you register and pay for your membership and operates on an annual recurring billing system. Should there be any issue with your membership application and we are unable to grant membership we will issue you with an instant refund. Two weeks prior to your renewal, you are sent an email notice to advise you that your renewal is due and that your renewal fee will automatically be deducted from your nominated payment source. You can opt out of recurring billing anytime by contacting us.

I have international qualifications, do I need these translated in order to be accepted as a member?

The IAOTH is one of the few professional bodies to accept international qualifications. If you hold qualifications in a language other than English you will need to have these officially translated and provided the qualification/s meets our standards for membership we will be happy to provide you with professional affiliation.

Am I required to do continued education in order to retain my IAOTH Membership?

It is not compulsory to do continued education in your fields of study in order to retain your IAOTH Membership, however it is a good idea to do so! We grant membership on the basis of your existing qualifications, so provided your existing qualifications meet our membership criteria your membership status will be retained.

Can I join the IAOTH with one modality now and add another modality later?

Yes, as and when you complete new qualifications, simply send us a copy and we will add these to your file for future reference. You may also edit your profile on the therapists directory when this has been done.

What if my modality is not listed on your site, and what steps can I take to get my modality listed?

If you know of a modality that is not on our list or you are the founder and have pioneered a new modality, you may request to have this approved by the IAOTH for membership and insurance purposes. Send us an email with your details to

Can I join IAOTH if I have not completed my course?

Yes you can, but if you have no current qualifications and are studying, Student Membership is the correct membership for you. Once you have graduated, you can easily upgrade to our higher membership level for qualified therapists.

How do I become a member of IAOTH?

Here’s how it works: Step 1. Select a membership level that suits your needs.  You can join as a student or qualified professional therapist. Just fill out the application form, attach your qualifications and click submit. IAOTH will then review your application to verify your qualifications, ensuring everything checks out. Step 2. Get Insurance. Once IAOTH approves your membership we will email you a link to access our members special insurance rates. Your IAOTH membership gives you instant approval with our insurers so you get the right cover for the right price.

IAOTH as an Association

The IAOTH represents one of the largest list of recognised natural therapy modalities. IAOTH recognises your existing qualifications and we do not require you to do continued professional development to maintain your membership, though we highly recommend that you do to keep your skills up to date. We also recognise international qualifications as well as online education and distant education.

Which membership level should I choose?

You can choose a membership that best suits your business needs. Student membership is for practitioners in training, whereas Full Membership is for qualified therapists. Full membership gives your additional member benefits and includes a free listing on our members directory.

How do I log into the members area?

Simply click on our Members area and enter your email address and password. Once you are in the members area you will be able to access all the features associated with your membership level.

Where do I find my membership number?

Once your membership is approved, you will be issued with a membership certificate. Your membership number is displayed on your IAOTH membership in the top right hand side.

Where can I access the IAOTH advertising logo downloads?

Just log into the members area with your email and password and select the icon ‘Member Downloads’. Here you can access our logos for use on your promotional materials; adverts, email signatures and website, etc. These logos are for your personal use only.

How do I upgrade my membership?

This is really simple. Log into our members area and select ‘Profile’ from this page you can change your membership level and this will create a payment request and will adjust accordingly, you will need to send us your qualifications to do so. If you need help, just email us at

How do I upload new qualifications to my membership?

From the members area, select ‘Upload Qualifications’ button. Here you can add any new qualifications to your membership and have these added to your profile to ensure these are covered by IICT for professional membership.

How do I renew my membership?

In all but a few cases, your membership will automatically renew each year. However, if your membership has expired or you need to update your payment details, you can log into the members area and renew your membership by following the prompts on screen.

What are the benefits of Full Membership?

Full Membership provides you with exclusive discounts off our recommended training providers and free unlimited new modality requests worth $299.00. Full members enjoy a free directory listing on our website and the free advertising that comes with that; access to our approved training provider program; internationally recognised member certificate; . For a complete list of benefits that accompany Full Membership

Do all memberships give me access to discount insurance?

Yes, all our memberships provide access to either student or practitioner insurance with our recommended insurers.

What is auto recurring billing?

IAOTH bills its members on an automated 365 day recurring billing system. This means your membership is valid for a full 365 days from the date of registering with us. Recurring billing ensures your membership is maintained at all times and guarantees you continued access to all of your member benefits as well as maintaining your directory listing. If you wish to opt out of recurring billing, just email our team at:

Will the IAOTH notify me when it’s time to renew?

If you are in our recurring billing system, you will be emailed 14 days prior to your renewal, advising you that your nominated payment method will be debited for the selected renewal amount. If you do not wish to renew your membership you can cancel anytime by contacting IAOTH at: