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Women's Health (ProFemme) Practitioner The word ProFemme comes from the Latin word "Pro" meaning for, on behalf of, towards, favouring or supporting -,and "Femme" a french word simply meaning "woman". So in conjunction it means -towards femininity, supporting the basics of femaleness, becoming more effective as a female. As a Women’s health ProFemme practitioner I the latest information with regard to the intricate workings of the female body. These are subtle, inexplicable and are usually precipitated by the hormone system. It is about how the hormones influence ALL aspects of a female's life and how these can be balanced - naturally.
All illness is a manifestation of imbalance somewhere in the human makeup, these manifestations or imbalances are the body's attempts to re-create balance. As a Holistic Therapist, it is my job and main goal to help you find the root causes of why your body may be feeling the way it is and how to correct it with you making the correct lifestyle changes. Chinese remedies and reflexology is a focus of mine as well
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