Aimee Garcia

Life & Success Mindset Coach, Energy Healer
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Hey beloved! My name is Aimee Garcia. I am a Manifestation and Mindset Coach, and an Energy Healer. I am certified in Neural Energetic Wiring, Neural Energetic Encoding, Mindset Coaching, Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Energy Healing. Loving and empowering oneself, along with energy work, I believe, are key to manifesting your dreams and desires. Together we can bring out the best version of you to manifest your visions and goals into existence. The answers just sit right there within you… and together we can uncover it as I hold space for you.

Back in 2020, I gave birth to a pretty, little baby. That period came with joyous moments of being present with my two little ones, and postpartum issues coupled with the pandemic scare. I found myself trying to get a grip of my emotions by keeping busy with online courses and programs about business, career, spirituality, and my all-time favorite, manifestation. I had long been a believer of the Law of Attraction so naturally, what stuck with me was manifestation and spirituality. I was coming back to my first love, so I dove into the rabbit hole with sweet oblivion!

I learned much and implemented what stood out for me. The great thing is, I was able to help others while I was also in the process of helping myself. Looking back on that journey, I could say that I would not change a thing. Each experience, the highs, and lows, played an important role in changing my energy and giving me a broader perspective. It led me to the realization that this is what I came here to do- to help people in this way. Help them transform their mindset and energy… love, accept and empower themselves to be the person they are meant to be… and that the answers can be reached within.

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