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The International Spiritual Ascension Institute @London is moving beyond the sphere of traditional spiritual teaching into the sphere of whole body mind and spirit transformation of any individual.

The Spiritual Ascension Academy @London is an institute of accelerated personal and spiritual progression that provides affordable and practical mind altering workshop experiences using the latest cutting-edge discoveries in Mind Science and Consciousness Technologies that gives you tools for self-mastery, uncover your life’s purpose, activate your higher senses and create miracles in your daily life.




Spiritual Ascension Academy’s core beliefs are that with our birth into the three dimensional reality we have all experienced separation and everyone through life is having to undergo a process of spiritual learning. Through this learning we have the chance to gain greater self-mastery and we reunite with our spiritual source.

Through our programmes, initiations, empowerments, activations and attunements you have the ability to accelerate your personal and spiritual progression and are enabled to master your lives and re-unite with spirit. It is a process of remembering that we always were in union with the divine, we just forgot about it.

Spiritual Ascension Academy offers us the gift, the tools and the processes of remembering.

Learning to manifest your desires for the highest good can help you on your spiritual path to ascension and also empowers you on the physical plane as well.

Learning to connect and work with your higher self, Angels, Fairies, Dragon, the Goddess and your guides keeps you in track and accelerates your spiritual progression so you can complete your life’s purpose on this earth.

In order to do that you need to go through the ‘PATHWAY OF ASCENSION’ described below and empower yourself so you can manifest abundance, great relationships, success, harmony and more by improving your life and raising your vibration for spiritual ascension.

The JOURNEY starts here.

 Gift yourself the opportunity to live

 A life of wonder and awe’

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Angel Healing Therapy works with the angels, archangels and ascended masters to assist with healing, grounding and protection, inspiration and fulfilment, gratitude and happiness. During this powerful healing I will channel and call upon the angelic light beings to assist you with whatever intention or problem you are facing in your everyday life. As an Angel Healing Therapist I can facilitate others to find and connect with their guardian angels and the wider angelic realm, which can also mean calling upon specific angels who have a special focus e.g. Archangel Michael – the great protector, Archangel Raphael – the healer and Archangel Gabriel – the angel of revelation. I as a therapist I will be your link using a heightened state of connection through which the angels can channel their energy. You will have the opportunity to reconnect with your spirit guides, discover your angelic allies and receive messages from spirit. It will be a very full-hearted, soothing and relaxing experience which will put you in light trance and release everything that no longer serves you, remove any negativity, clear blockages and open the forward to clear mind. It will be the beginning of living an intentional life. Angels are there to help everyone…but you do have to ask for that help!
People who have been through a life-altering trauma, whether mental or physical, may have lost a part of their soul or damaged their ‘spiritual force field’. This makes them vulnerable to illness, bad luck, and depression. These are the kinds of people who would most benefit from a shamanic healing session. A shaman will go into the spirit world and heal their soul, either through their own efforts or by talking to spirit guides/animals. If you feel a little ‘lost’ in life, have gone through a big trauma or are looking for some clarity on what to do about a difficult situation, a shamanic healing session could be hugely beneficial. A shaman will simply act as the connection between you and your guides in the other realms, and make sure your soul is protected throughout the process. Some physical sensations may be felt but it’s all in the interest of healing your soul. Through a shamanic healing, the shaman essentially works in tandem with spirits, often called ‘helper spirits’, in the spiritual realms. They will ‘summon’ these spirits to repair a soul, who may then experience real, physical healing in the earth realm. In order to contact these spirits, the shaman will have to go on a journey by entering a trance state. The more practice and training a shaman has, the easier it will be for them to enter this powerful state. The shaman might ask their helper spirits to invoke shamanic healing by pulling ‘power’ from the sufferer’s oversoul as well as retrieving lost spirit guides and animals.
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