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Like us, you may have noticed that the promotion of junk food and other products filled with ingredients that harm our health and well-being seems to be everywere.

You’ve probably also noticed how easy it is to resort to convenient solutions to quickly appease our body’s symptoms. For example, when experiencing a migraine, the first reflex is to take a pill; when suffering from a fever, no time is given for the fever to do its job; when dealing with an infection, antibiotics are taken, etc.

The fact is simple: our bodies have become “clogged” and weakened due to our lifestyles and eating habits. Sedentary lifestyle, urban pollution, chemicals present in most consumer products, even hygiene products, etc. All these factors have contributed to the development of new ailments: allergies, intolerances, respiratory difficulties, gastrointestinal disorders, and many others. The list goes on and on.

Naturopathy is not a new discipline; this is how previous generations (not too long ago) treated their bodies. It is the adoption of new dietary behaviors, the understanding of the different types of fasting, and above all, it is the knowledge of oneself, the body, its functioning, and its dynamics.

Somewhere along the line, we all do a little naturopathy in our daily lives: for example, when using an herbal tea to relax or cleanse. However, the fact remains that people often treat ailments rather than prevent them.

This is what makes naturopathy different: it focuses on maintaining health to prevent the development of disorders. It allows us to see our environment in a different light, feel good, take pleasure in living, and feel safe and healthy.

And since we all have the means to improve our health, it is essential to become active players and no longer be subjected to easy approaches that are often  harmful.

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