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Energy Healing, Chakra Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Reiki, Yoga
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, Basel, Basel-Stadt, Switzerland


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How Crystal Healing works, Crystal Basics, Chakra / Crystal Charts, Crystal Placement, Placement Methods, Distance Healing, Chakra Stones, Zodiac and Birth Stones, Self Healing, Relaxation and Energy boosting Crystal Placement, Sleep Aid Placement, Crystal Grids, Vibrant Health Grid, Love Grid Formations
7 Main Animal Chakras, Other Animal Chakras, Hand Placement, Hands on and Hands off, Scanning and Energy Healing on Animals, General and Specific attunements, General and Specific Distance attunements, Pets Grounding, The Bud Chakras and Grounding
The 7 Main Chakras, Basics of the 8th and 9th Chakra, How Chakras work within us, How Blockages happen, How Blockages feel like, Determining the Energetic Baseline, Characteristics of balanced, overactive, underactive Chakras, Balancing Steps for all Main Chakras
The 5 Reiki Principles, The 3 Pillars of Reiki, How to feel Reiki, Visualization, Determining the Power Hand, Letting go, Intentions, Protection, Restoring Energy, Spiritual Detox, Reiki and Chakras, Traditional Hands on and Hands off Methods, Scanning, Healing Attunements (General and Specific), Self Healing Attunements (General and Specific), Distance Healing Attunements (General and Specific), The Reiki Symbols, Working with Animals, Working with Situations, Working with Objects, Healing attunements for large Groups, Reiki and Crystals
cert. by Anjali Yoga a Yacep Continuing Education Provider Topics: The Brain and nervous System on Meditation, Meditation History and Traditions, Meditation Teacher development, Mudras, Buddhist Meditation, Zen, Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Yogic Meditation
How our Hands connect to our nervous System, The 5 Elements, Elements, Fingers, Chakras, Limitations, Mudra Diary, Chakra Mudras, Energy Charging, Energy Releasing, Energy Balancing, Energy Pointing with the help of Mudras. Headache Release and Sleep Aid Mudras, Detox Mudra, Sending Mudra Energy via Distance, how to show Mudras to Clients
200 Hours Registered Yoga Teacher Yoga Alliance
The History of Meditation, Proven Physical Mental and Spiritual Benefits of Meditation, In Motion Meditation, Spot Meditation, Micro Meditation, Standard Meditation, Deep Meditation, Guiding others, Getting the Atmosphere right
About spiritual detoxing (energy cleansing); Step-by-step distance healing: single recipient; Dealing with specific physical & emotional issues; Dealing with the unconscious, gravely ill, and the spirit; Group healing; Step-by-step distance healing: group session; Event, situation, or location healing; Step-by-step distance healing: event, situation, or location session; Past (memory) or future (thought) healing; Step-by-step distance healing: past or future session; How do I know a session went well?; Crystals for distance; Pendulums for answers; Sound and aromas for balancing; Photos, keepsakes, addresses, and technology; Selfcare; Implementing distance healing into a business
Further Learning for Energy Healers: For Empaths, Healers and Healthcare workers. 16 Credit Hours Vibrations, Vibration Channel, Various Protection Components: Words, Actions, Surroundings, Thoughts, Upper Hear Chakra, Protective Grids, Restoring Energy, Energy Mudras, Sending Protection
What is Meditation and what is Mindfulness, 4 Mindfulness Principles, Mindfulness Meditation, FITR, Reset Button Breathing, Circuit Breaker Exercises, Start of the Day Primer, Stay Calm to the Storm steps, Incredible Focus, Conflict Dissolver, Guiding others with/through Mindfulness Practices
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