Crystal McKinney

Crystal McKinney

Coaching that reveals your unique purpose.
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I believe that we attract all that we have in our lives with our thoughts and attitudes.  This includes the wonderful experiences and the not so good times too.

Perhaps you are excessively happy and just want to learn how to manifest even more. I would love to partner with you to obtaining all that you uniquely deserve to live a life filled with love and light.

Perhaps you are ready to take your business, relationships, and spirituality to the next level and you just need a push from a willing partner. I’m here for you!

The fact that you are here, looking to grow excites me.  Whether you continue on to meet with me or not, I truly wish you all the best.

My focus is on working with people that are looking for business or personal coaching that incorporates manifestation, meditation, and relieving blocks that hold us back from what we truly deserve.

I am looking forward to helping you along your unique journey to finding YOU!

Feel free to visit my website to learn more about my journey from molestation and single motherhood to wife, business owner, and Life Purpose Coach.

My career as a model and actor have given me the unique opportunity to work with individuals from all cultures, genders, age groups, and walks of life.  I have truly enjoyed helping others through my work as a Volunteer Leader, Stylist and Image Consultant.

I’m enjoying being an entrepreneur of a fun, organic product line that is filled with natural and organic goodness.  I opened a beautiful boutique (before Covid) where I offered small group meditations, chakra training, vision board building, and business coaching.

Today, I’m fulfilling my personal purpose, to bring more love and light to your journey by using all of my skills and experience to you to partner with you along your journey to have all that you desire RIGHT NOW!

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