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Guiding and facilitating your recovery from the impact of trauma, to regulation, wholeness, connection and healing.
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I’m Dani, a devoted mother, trauma survivor and somatic trauma therapist, here to guide you on your journey from trauma to wholeness and healing. I’m a mental health professional ( non- clinical) with over 20 years’ experience in mental health recovery; Embodied Processing Practitioner ( somatic trauma therapy) and trauma informed Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. My personal lived experience of complex and intergenerational trauma further informs my understanding of the impact of traumatic imprint and inspires me to support others in their recovery and healing journey.

I draw upon this profound awareness and my professional training, skills and experience of working with trauma, how it stores in the body, emotions and the subconscious mind and impacts our functioning on every level until we begin to process and resolve trauma loops and move out of survival patterns and trauma responses.

I hold compassionate and non judgemental space and guide you to anchor to a sense of safety, in which space we begin to explore through the felt sense in the body of what comes up for you, allowing stored emotional and traumatic imprint to begin to gently shift, discharge and resolve, allowing you to return to to return to a regulated nervous system and your authentic state of being.

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In Embodied Processing, a somatic trauma therapy, we take a 'bottom up' approach to healing trauma in working with traumatic imprint stored in the body, emotions and subconscious mind. As an Embodied Processing practitioner, I guide you to safely and gently explore through the felt sense of traumatic imprint stored in the body, allowing the sensations, emotions, thoughts and beliefs stored in the body and subconscious as a result of trauma to discharge, resolve and complete, facilitating your return to regulation, safety, connection and wholeness.
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