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Hello, My name is Diane Frazier,often I am asked, “What is Quantum Touch?”

“I work with the energy of your body/mind intelligence to heal” Taking it a step further, I “look” at what may be blocking or hindering your body from healing itself, and facilitate removing those blocks. Once those are removed, I facilitate your body to heal itself.

We start with the understanding that your body was created and designed to be able to heal itself. This is called homeostasis. So if our body is not healing, why? What is creating the block that somehow has allowed us to be sick, depressed, hypersensitive?

These questions are just as important as the healing process. If you just address the physical or emotional condition, then you are doing what much of western medicine does, which is to only address the symptom and not the cause. As we know in western medicine, sometimes this works great, and other times it fails miserably. However, even if you address the symptom, if the underlying cause is still active, your body will continue to look for ways to manifest this. Either in the same way, if the same physical condition persists, or in a new way if you managed to heal or mask out the current physical condition.

Communication with your mind, body and spirit is the key to keeping your body in homeostasis and leading yourself and your influence on others towards a healthier life.

When you are ready to start this journey, remember it will a commitment.

You are welcome to message me; lo*************@gm***.com


Only Love and Light,

Diane R Frazier

Quantum Touch Practitioner

Clinical Cupping Therapist

Aromatherapy Practitioner

Angelic Healing Practitioner


Universal CBD/THC Certification of endocannabinoid system;medical marijuana




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