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Is a holistic and esoteric operator, born in Italy who operates between Italy and Morocco.

He is an expert in Holistic Medicine of the Chakras and Ayurveda, specialized in Bio-energetic treatments aimed at restoring the energetic, physical and mental plan of the person.
Researcher from an early age in the Holistic world and Bio-Energy treatments, since 1996 he has been practicing in various sectors of Holistic Medicine, Chakra and Ayurveda, also with the help of Quantum Medicine tools such as Oligoscan, Oligocheck and Physicocheck ,

Certified and recognized by various professional schools and trade associations as a Professional Trainer in the fields of Medical and Esoteric, Quantum and Evolutionary Radiesthesia, Radionics, Geobiology, Bio-Magnetism and Pranic Healing.

Therapies Offered:

  • All offers are aimed at the energetic, mental and physical body, using quantum medicine tools such as:
  • Cleansing treatments of the Chakras and energy points
  • Cure for Geobiology (Geobiology is the science that studies the influences of the place on living organisms and in particular on human beings)
  • Cleansing negative energies,
  • Realignment and rebalancing of energy flows
  • Removal of energy blocks
  • Reactivation of the chakras
  • Oligotherapy is a therapy based on the administration of minimal quantities of trace elements in our body.
  • Oligoscan for heavy metals of the body, to prevent and eliminate intoxications
  • Naturopathy
  • Prano therapy – Pranic Healing
  • Aromatherapy is the practice that researches and applies the therapeutic potential of natural essential oils extracted from plants, flowers, resins, roots etc.
  • Energy therapy stone treatments, with essential oils based on Moroccan argan oil

Other Professional Associations :

Professional activity carried out in Italy pursuant to LAW 14 January 2013, n. 4


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Via Della Repubblica 19B, Gambassi Terme, Toscana , Italy


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Evolutionary Radiesthesia it is the science that, by capturing the irradiations that each body or substance emits, allows us to know the location, entity, nature, species and qualities, and the influence they exert on each other. The radiations are imperceptible emanations directly from our five senses, they emanate from any animal, vegetable or mineral body and expand in the atmosphere more or less as it happens for sound waves, to electric ones and, as from the latest discoveries in physics, we let's add the gravitational waves. These radiations are not perceivable by our senses, as already mentioned, at least not by everyone, however almost all normal people can grasp them, understand them, interpret them, more or less powerfully, and use them, even by means of small and very simple devices that will do the function for us, almost by radio antennas.
The technique, in a nutshell, provides that the operator, using his own hands and without any physical contact, checks the energy conditions, removes congestions and energizes the etheric body and the chakras of those who are treating, using the pranic energy and not your own individual energy. If the effects of energy imbalances have already manifested on the physical body, the operator will intervene, in the same way, on the latter as well.
The universal pendulum arises from the physical radiesthesia work of A. de Bélizal, L. Chaméry and P. A. Morel. and from their study of the properties of the sphere and the hemisphere. It was invented in 1936. In the context of physical radiesthesia, the universal pendulum or P.U. it is exceptional for the amount of radiation it can detect and emit; it is an instrument that accurately indicates or emits color vibrations between infrared and ultraviolet
The Universal Pendulum born from the studio of Belizal, Chamèry and P.A. Morel on the properties of the sphere and the hemisphere, is one of the most important creations in the field of radiesthesia for the study of shape waves and the qualities of different colors ranging from the visible to the invisible spectrum. We now know that since December 2012, with the alignment of our Solar system with the Galactic Center, new colors are now present and active in our world. This means that new colors are found on the universal pendulum, and that these colors represent the sub-harmonics of existing colors. It is as if the Cosmos had made available new frequencies of colors to facilitate our path of awareness. To get in touch with these new colors, new types of pendulums have been created which have been called PU GAIA and PU HELIOS with different functions. These universal pendulums belong to the so-called “New Radiesthesia” and during this seminar we will learn how to use them.
With radionics it is possible to carry out remote analyzes and treatments directed at people (attention: only if you agree !!), animals, plants and crops, houses, companies, even aspects of life that you want to improve. Radionic analysis, based on radiesthesic sensitivity, on in-depth esoteric and scientific knowledge and on special instruments, allows the operator to have a complete picture of the subject's conditions. The research of the causes that led to the disorder is very important. These can be of various kinds, but finding them is essential if you want to solve the problem. The possibility of observing imbalances not yet somatized or physically detectable makes it a very important method from the point of view of prevention. The possibility of investigating and exploring areas inaccessible to common analyzes makes it a fascinating field of investigation. Radionic analysis should not be confused with medical analysis, although similar terms are often used. In fact, what the radionic operator observes are the energy and information fields that underlie the physical structure.
The Goddess Brighid is one of the most beloved Celtic deities. She is the goddess of fire, of the fulfillment of desires, of family love. Above all, she is the powerful goddess of healing. All Celtic areas, especially northern Europe and Ireland, are scattered with sacred wells and springs of miraculous water, dedicated to her. In fact, she Brighid was and still is the keeper of all healing waters and thaumaturgical powers.
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