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John E. Thornberry (Aka Eternal Senses) has been involved with Music and Sound and alternative therapies, new age, and paranormal subjects since starting to study these disciplines nearly 50 years ago. He is a qualified Sound Practitioner and tutor in adult learning, and has a degree in Humanities. John also writes and produces his own music and in addition writes music for other Practitioners and Training providers who commission him to do so. John plays many instruments and has written for other local artists and appeared on their albums and works. He has taught and designed many courses which range from Computers to Mediumship, and Alternative forms of Healing. He is also an accomplished speaker and has given many lectures on many different topics as well as workshops and courses. In 2015 he set up Eternal Senses: Caring for Mind, Body & Soul. to bring new perspective to Well being events. Offering workshops & Talks on subjects such as Sound, Colour, Music, Mediumship, Awareness, and Alternative Health therapies. In 2019 John was invited to work as a practitioner and Tutor at Hazel Mount Well-being, a centre for Wellness & Health in Tealby near Market Rasen in the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds. Along with Owner Rachel Taylor he designs and facilitates courses, workshops and Therapies which the public can attend and participate and learn new skills and receive treatments in alternative healing therapies.


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  • Eternal Senses Sound Practitioner Course Nov 04 2023
    This is a copy of the certificate I proved for students who attend and pass my Sound Practitioner Course. This certifies the students level of Professionalism and competence in the field of Sound Therapy.
  • Drum Practitioner Nov 30 -0001
    This is an example of the Certificate my Drum Practitioner course students receive.
Are you passionate about sound healing and its therapeutic benefits? Are you looking for a comprehensive training program that will help you become a skilled sound practitioner? Then Look no further than the Eternal Senses Sound Practitioner Diploma! Our diploma program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to use sound as a healing and Therapeutic tool. Our curriculum includes a deep dive into the theory and practice of sound therapy, including the physics of sound, the benefits, and the principles of sound healing. You'll also learn how to use a variety of sound instruments, including singing bowls, tuning forks, and gongs, to create healing vibrations and promote relaxation and wellbeing. With our expert instructors and hands-on training, you'll develop the confidence and expertise needed to deliver effective sound healing sessions to clients. If you already have a healing practice then we can teach you how to merge Sound into that existing practice, bringing another dimension to your Healing Portfolio, and enhancing your existing skills. Our program is open to anyone with an interest in sound, healing, Well-being and sound therapy, whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner looking to expand your skills. With flexible courses that include on-line if needed and in- person modules and workshops, we can tailor your learning experience to fit your schedule and needs. Join us today and start your journey towards becoming a skilled and knowledgeable sound practitioner. Enrol now in our Sound Practitioner Diploma program and start making a positive impact on the world around you! This is a course of 6 modules that will qualify and accredited you to practice Sound Therapy. You will be taught directly with a Tutor, whether online (live) or Classroom lead. for more inquiries and prospectus please contact, or or 07498 201535 or
(2024 onwards) Eternal Senses Drumming Practitioner Course There are many aspects to learning and working as a Sound Practitioner. The traditional route is to learn through the use of Singing bowls metal and crystal. But there are many other instruments that can be learnt as a stand alone Sound Therapy and Drumming is one of these! It is not as intense as the traditional route into Sound Practices and has its own unique properties. It is more adept to mobility and space, in that the instruments are sometimes smaller and in most cases easily carried. Although Drumming is an important part of modern Sound Therapy they are only used in conjunction with the bowls and therefore as with many other instruments limited in use and time in a session. So learning to be a Drum Sound Practitioner has its own benefits and flexibility! Our course is uniquely suited to those that want to learn, but are limited by time, finances, and space to practice. But also for those that want to add to their existing practices of well-being therapies. In this unique fast track course you can be practicing as Drumming Practitioner in a fraction of the time it takes to learn the traditional method of Sound Therapy, yet just as important in the field of healing acoustics! Although fast track, it is still an accredited course, allowing you to practice and give your clients assurance that you have been taught correctly and professionally and most importantly that you can play your instrument correctly. Our course is classroom hands on based. With a qualified Adult learning tutor and Sound Practitioner of over 20 years experience and a multi instrumentalist. So you will be taught and certified to work professionally with a variety of Drums and other complimenting instruments to help yourself and others well-being! When you enrol on this course you will: Be on the path to becoming a Drumming Practitioner Become confident working with Drums for Therapy and pleasure Understand the healing sounds/vibrations created by your playing ability Start effective Drum healing therapy for clients, family or friends and the self Begin a foundation for a journey into sound therapy Discover how to give a sound therapy treatments, and vibrational sound massage through the use of various Drums! Our learning centre prides itself on delivering classroom based tuition by Qualified Adult education Tutors and Qualified and experienced Sound Practitioners and Musicians and Alternative Therapy Practitioners. Our accredited training gives you an introduction, or continuation of your skills in Mind, Body and Well being therapies. From the beginning you will learn skills and techniques for working with Drums for Drumming sound therapy: Introduction to different Drums Drumming techniques Working with Clients Working with Drum Harmonics and chants Advanced techniques in Drumming Therapy Merging with existing Therapies Intro to Medicine Wheel Frame Drums How to use them to work in the Healing Arts and Learn to: Create Healing Rhythms including rattle medicine for health issues Initiate PEMS relaxation Release and create Therapeutic energy Initiate well-being and move un-need energy Learn other instruments that compliment Drum Therapy Drumming benefits and how to work with them on a client: Positive and Negative alignment Reduce stress levels on PEMS Possible pain relief Audio vibration techniques On this course you will be taught the skills and techniques you will need to begin a Drumming Therapy practice. The course is an intensive 2 days of learning and practice and all classroom based. With encouragement to forward in learning and updating the techniques you will learn. When you pass you will receive all the necessary information to go forward with your Practice and after completing case studies and in-house assessment you will gain your certificate to certify your competence and training in Drum Therapy. Day 1: Introduction and Path Finding Introduction to Drum(s) Therapy and related Instruments Drumming techniques for basic Therapy Working with Sound Harmonics learning to play Group Practice Client base Learning Progress/Reflections of the Day Day 2: Shamanic v Tribal: busting the myths Different Beats and Rhythms and uses. Advance techniques for Therapy Working with Clients Client Well being and contra indications Medicine wheels in relation to drumming Healing chants Continuing Practice Business pathways Instrument Care and buying advice Learning Progress Details request or
The workshop will start with an introduction to the history and principles of gong therapy. Most importantly how it can be uses as a stand alone therapy or as an integral part of Sound Therapy. Students will be in 2 categories: Practitioners, Players. The workshop will include learn various techniques for using gongs for self-therapy and relaxation, including how to play a gong correctly. The workshop will conclude with a visualisation and reflection on learning. In conclusion, participants will have a greater understanding of the therapeutic benefits of gong therapy and how it can be incorporated as a complementary modality into wellness practices. Gong Therapy History and Origins of Gongs Explore the ancient roots of gongs and their use in therapy and transformation Introduction to Gong Types and Techniques Differentiate between various gong types, explore their unique characteristics Gong playing utensils Types and purposes Introduce different gong playing techniques, how play effectively Explore various approaches with gong sessions based on Sound Therapy and stand alone Gong practices Gain an understanding of the therapeutic potential of gongs Utilise gong sounds for relaxation, stress levels, and symptoms Employing gong sounds for sleep and sleep quality Facilitate self-expression and emotional release through gong therapy sessions Spiritual dimensions of gong therapy and personal growth Gong therapy practices for different clients Developing sensitivity to the resonance of gongs Creating personalised gong music and self expression Immersing Gongs into existing Practices What next?

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