Francesca Gottardo

Studio Olistico "La Via della Luce"

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My name is Francesca Gottardo and I am a Holistic Operator, Third Level Reiki Master, Pluri-certified at my Studio “La Via della Luce” based in Florence, operating both in Presence and on Line with Paths, Sessions and Courses.
I was born as a Reiki Master, based on the Usui Master’s Technique to later develop my personal technique called the “Angelic Merkaba” and “Egyptian Reiki”.
I deal with the Energy Rebalancing of the main 12 Chakras through the Original Technique of the 12 Rooms and Unique Reiki Treatments that run through 3 phases in which imbalances at the level of the Chinese Meridians linked to specific organs and emotions are focused.
I am a Spiritual Researcher and Teacher with numerous courses to my historian.
I trained and I am continuing my specialization with the best known International Doctors and Shamans in the field of Quantum Physics, Shamanism, Reiki, Angelology and Channeling which have allowed me to learn the profound link between the Chakras and the Realization of a Better life up to the point of developing and applying a technique to energetically support the individual in his physical and psychological completeness also with the support of Angelic Energies.
I discovered the charm and usefulness of past lives with Brian Weiss.
I pampered and helped my Inner Child and freed myself from the multiple emotional burdens of this and other lifetimes before learning to help other souls in search of the Light.
I have found that time is not linear but circular and that personal healing passes from a profound state of mental well-being.
I learned the Law of Attraction Techniques and how to put them into practice in order to attract and manifest the reality I Want for myself and for others. In all this, Intuition and my marked Sensitivity help me to understand and find quickly even with personalized methods to achieve Balance and Serenity for people who ask me for support.
I learned to collaborate with the Energies, discovered my Life Mission and helped many people to discover and understand themselves more.
You can change your life and make it better with your New Quantum Identity.
You can pamper and heal your Inner Child from the traumas of the past and open yourself to a more peaceful future.
You can become a master in controlling your mind and manifest your Greater and Wonderful self.
Then make a difference in this reality and discover and learn to love yourself deeply.
Curiosity is a fundamental part of my character and this leads me to always want to know new topics and methods that can be used in sessions and courses.
Why start a Path, a Session or a Course with me?
-to get to know yourself better
-to dispel doubts and uncertainties
-to carve out time for themselves
-to reflect together
-to have food for thought
-to discover and take home new health and anti-stress techniques
-to learn how to relax
-to help them make a decision about their life and / or work
and much more…

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