Gashaw Mustafa

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Holistic Nutrition Coach
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After spending over a decade in the corporate sector, I felt a deep calling to align my professional journey with my core values centered around sustainable living and holistic health. This led me to become a dedicated advocate for holistic nutrition.

I took the initiative to establish Iraq’s first holistic health kitchen, a groundbreaking venture that served the community for a year. While the kitchen’s operations concluded upon my return to Finland, my dedication to holistic health remained unwavering. Today, I am honored to be a co-founder and vice-chairman of Anahata NGO. At Anahata, our mission is to empower individuals to realize their full potential through a comprehensive blend of nutrition, wellness, breathwork, digital literacy, technology, and human design programs.

In addition to my work with Anahata, I offer personal Ayurveda and nutrition consultations, providing tailored guidance to individuals seeking a balanced and healthy lifestyle. I also extend training to organizations and deliver online courses through our NGO, ensuring that holistic health knowledge is accessible to all.

As a holistic nutrition coach, my philosophy is grounded in the belief that true well-being encompasses physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Through IAOTH, I am excited to share my expertise, experiences, and passion for holistic health with a broader audience.

Join me in exploring the transformative essence of holistic living.

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