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  • Certificate in Personal Training and Fitness Nov 30 -0001
    This is a basic certification program personal training and fitness. Moving forward, you may use this as the foundation for the following courses: Advance Personal Trainer Certification Sports Nutrition Certification Master PT Certification
  • Certificate in Counselling Nov 30 -0001
    This course will provide an introduction course to counseling and psychological theories. It will cover foundation knowledge in areas such as psychological first-aid, counselling and coaching.
  • Certificate in Business Management Nov 30 -0001
    Business and Management program provides students with an introduction to business and management, particularly in areas such as human resources, management, finance and accounting. These essential business skill sets confer a competitive edge for working professionals to be effective in their role. Further, our program installs valuable management principles and leadership mindset necessary for managerial and senior positions. Beyond these, students learn to be analytical and develop critical thinking skills through case studies. During the course, students would have the opportunities to learn fundamental skills. At the same time, students can choose specialized modules including logistics and supply chain, tourism and hospitality, accounting and finance. The course is offered at certificate and diploma level. Each certificate would be awarded with the completion of respective modular course.
  • Certificate in Tourism Nov 30 -0001
    This course provides a foundation to develop an understanding of theories and contemporary issues in tourism, hospitality and business management. It prepares learners for a career in the tourism and hospitality industry with a strong foundation of skills and knowledge in tourism, event management, customer relationship management and hotel management.
  • Certificate in Beauty Therapy Nov 30 -0001
    This course provides an introduction training for beauty and spa practitioners and managers. The During the course you will be introduced to the specialist treatments of body massage, facial treatment and spa operation.
This program covers theories and techniques of counselling. It explores the role of the counsellor, the nature of the counselling relationship, and different approaches to counselling. By the end of the course, you should understand the nature of the counselling process (including ethical standards and professional issues), key theoretical approaches to counselling and related techniques.
Our courses provide a scientist-practitioner model to develop skills in planning and implementing various educational interventions within applied settings such as schools, community centres, clinics and homes. It intends to follow a practical approach towards providing students with essential theoretical frameworks and techniques to conduct effective evidence-based interventions for the most common neurodevelopmental disorders (i.e., ADHD and autism) and specific learning issues.
Special Education diploma is a program that covers special needs community services (SNCS) based on a participatory community-based transdisciplinary treatment. It involves intervention, rehabilitation & management that deals with acute & chronic cases related to intellectual-developmental disabilities within a residential home, daycare or school setting.
Aspiring trainers can acquire the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to be an effective Sports educator or Personal Fitness Instructor. The course will cover training methodology for weight loss, strength training, cardiovascular exercises, and nutrition and diet related to health and fitness. Finally, it would cover relevant and practical steps for students who wish to pursue a gym and fitness business.
This Beauty Therapy and Spa management qualification will provide comprehensive training for students who wish to become a manager and professionals in Beauty and Spa Industry. Particularly, students will have a good understanding of the theories, legal framework, and operation aspects of a Beauty, Saloon, and Spa business. Besides this, students will engage in hands-on training to learn facial, body massage, and various products common in the market. Areas of Content include: – The anatomy and physiology of the body – Client care – Health and safety – Client communication – Selling and promoting of services and products The course will be taught by industry experts who have extensive practical and managerial skills.
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