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The mission at Cungle Life Coaching and Wellness LLC is to serve as catalysts for positive change among women by creating a holistic and transformative environment that fosters self-awareness and personal growth. Upholding the principle of doing good for all and causing harm to none, we strive to cultivate a coach-client partnership built on the foundations of confidentiality and unwavering integrity. Our ultimate goal is to empower individuals seeking to refine and polish their lives, guiding them towards a path of fulfillment and authenticity.

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Become a professional holistic life coach to help people transform, set & achieve goals, & create the life they desire. We will draw from a wide range of life skills modalities to learn what life coaching is, how to do it, facilitate change and help them achieve goals. A life coach is a type of wellness professional who helps people make progress in their lives in order to attain greater fulfillment. Life coaches aid their clients in improving their relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives This course is for anyone interested in becoming a professional life coach or simply adding this credential to your skill set.
Mind-Body Health Practitioner In this course, you will learn how the mind and body are connected. When we make a decision that creates stress, our unconscious, and subconscious minds record the stress in various parts of our body until physical messages in the form of symptoms manifest. This course explores the underlying messages, how to resolve stress, and reverse the physical manifestation caused by the stress. You'll learn: What a symptom conveys so your clients can become empowered to effect change. How the physical body is responding to emotional & mental imbalances. Learn the mental and emotional causes of over 50 illnesses, dis-eases, and emotional disharmonies.
Advanced Mind-Body Health Practitioner Building on what you learned in level 1, this four-week Advanced Mind-Body Practitioner Course is designed to equip holistic professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the profound relationship between mental and physical health. Over the course of four weeks, students will delve deep into the science of mind-body interactions, exploring emotional and mental causes of common illnesses, disorders and emotional disharmonies. You'll learn: How to conduct a mind-body consultation Learn the mental and emotional causes of common illnesses, diseases, and emotional disharmonies. Specific questions to ask to discover the emotional connections of diseases. The science of where feelings begin and how to reverse early childhood programming.
This professional coaching course is a comprehensive life coaching system, complete with step-by-step session guides. INTERNATIONALLY CERTIFIED I am so excited to offer this 6 Pillar Master Life Coach Practitioner course to you! In this course we will cover the foundations (Pillars) of: The 3 Pursuits: Spiritual, Business, Life Experience The 3 Beliefs: Money, Fairness, People Worthiness Doubts Fears Change You will dive deep into the psychological make-up, traumas and behaviors, and use healing energy, spiritual counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to guide the client/apprentice through the session calls, daily inspirations and communications.
Learn to balance your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical energy in a chaotic world downloading into your soul! + INTERNATIONALLY CERTIFIED This course offers healing and guidance on how to balance the Time Square of your soul in a world that never stops comparing you, telling you how to do things right, how to be perfect, how to run your business, how to be spiritual, how you're not as successful as the next person, and so on. All of this data input, downloads of information, a zillion different platforms you are on, and all that work to keep them up to date and do it the way your industry professionals tell you it must be done, IS VERY OVERWHELMING. Spiritual healers, teachers, empaths, caretakers, nurses, therapists, counselors and those seeking healing themselves reach critical mass shutdown from time to time from overload. This short course discusses how to balance and maintain a healthy life in the midst of this information super-highway running through your soul with simple how to steps, + a topic on humility, spirituality and superituality* to avoid! It talks about the exhaustion of trying to" know it all" and how to avoid that, and your worth. So many little lessons wrapped up in this course. Instruction on purpose, positivity, self-love and more; with even a meditation thrown in.
Transform trauma and pain into spiritual healing! Learn to believe you are enough, are beautiful and deserve happiness! INTERNATIONALLY CERTIFIED LEARN THE BLUEPRINT TO REVOVERY. Continued Education| These lectures were recorded (one as a live event), to help others with traumas I see most commonly in my healing practice that have deep roots in people's quality of life. The effects of trauma are far reaching into how people live their current life. Not every lesson learned was a good one, just as every mentor was not wise. We have many scars that cause us to replay our pain over and over again, consciously and most time, unconsciously, blocking the life we really want. We have beliefs we don't even know we have, that we inherited from someone else. This is a sober look at the three top hot buttons of trauma & belief that I see damage lives the most. Each lecture has either a blueprint, recovery recipe or steps on how to remove storylines, blocks or beliefs from your life, adding new actions steps and perspectives. What is covered here are three topics: How To Believe You Are Enough: Smart Enough, Creative Enough, Rich Enough, Good Enough (With Blueprint) How To Survive Emotional Abuse & Abandonment Issues (With Recovery Recipe) How To Trust That the Universe Provides (With Action Steps)
A comprehensive training for coaches and counselors on how to help others heal from trauma This comprehensive Udemy course, led by Trey Malicoat, M.S., an experienced trauma care professional, is designed to provide coaching and counseling professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to become certified in trauma-informed practice. With a focus on understanding, recognizing, and effectively addressing the effects of trauma on individuals, this course will equip you with the tools needed to foster resilience and personal agency in clients facing adverse experiences. Throughout the course, you will learn to recognize different types of trauma and evaluate their impact on daily functioning. You will be able to assess for trauma symptoms even before a mental disorder is present. Moreover, you will explore how traumatic experiences influence personal identity and the ability to maintain healthy relationships. You will develop the skills to help clients process present trauma while addressing core trauma from the past and guide them toward liberation from the negative effects of acute and chronic trauma. This course will also teach you techniques to prevent chronic depression, anxiety, panic, and PTSD development in clients. As you progress, you will learn how to teach clients resiliency, personal agency, and the creation of external anchors in the face of adversity. You will master conducting trauma-sensitive therapeutic sessions that lead to lasting change and emotional freedom. Additionally, you will develop a clear understanding of techniques for emotional stabilization and positive self-care. Throughout this course, you will engage in various learning activities, such as video lectures, practical exercises, and case studies, to ensure a well-rounded understanding of trauma-informed coaching and counseling. By the end of the course, you will have a strong foundation in the principles of trauma-informed practice, empowering you to better support clients on their journey towards healing and growth. What you’ll learn Understand how to recognize different types of trauma and how to evaluate the impact of trauma on daily functioning. How to assess for trauma symptoms BEFORE a mental disorder is present. Understand how traumatic experiences influence personal identity and the ability to maintain healthy relationships. How to help clients process present trauma while addressing core trauma from the past. How to help clients liberate themselves from the negative effects of acute and chronic trauma. How to prevent chronic depression, anxiety, panic & PTSD development. How to teach clients resiliency and personal agency & create external anchors in the face of adversity. How to conduct a trauma-sensitive therapeutic session that will lead to lasting change and emotional freedom. Develop a clear understanding of techniques for emotional stabilization and positive self-care
This course is an orientation to Northcentral University and to the essential skills needed to pursue a PhD degree in Psychology. Doctoral level skills, such as academic integrity, time management, effective use of the Northcentral Library, comprehending complex scholarly texts and research articles, and APA form and style in professional communication are also introduced. Students will complete the course with a better understanding of personal goals, strengths, and challenges, and a roadmap to navigate their way to completion of their educational aspirations.
This course focuses on scholarly and academic writing with an overarching goal of critically analyzing and thoughtfully synthesizing research findings while adhering to APA style and the principles of Academic Integrity. The emphases in this course are on how to (a) conduct effective literature searches; (b) critically review and summarize research studies; (c) write comprehensive, critical, and synthesized reviews of research literature; (d) formulate ideas and convey them in an ethical fashion; and (e) use feedback to revise and improve one’s work.
Incidences of violence range from interpersonal violence including domestic violence/spousal abuse to workplace violence to worldwide terrorism. In this course, students will become aware of the causes of violence, the impact on victims of violence, and programmatic attempts to reduce violence. Students will explore current research regarding violence and learn prevention and treatment strategies to use in both professional and personal settings.
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