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Hummelkärr Barva, Eskilstuna, Sweden


Mob: +46 700900460


59.383102, 16.7444569


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Aromatherapy Home advisor diploma Course Instructor Tania Magdalena
Animal & Pet Reiki healing certification Course Instructor Melissa Crowhurst
Definitive spiritual Guid Psychic mediumship devolpment Course Instructor Julian Jenkins
Relaxation massage Course, Isla Verde Spa, instructor Mark Perren-Jones
The art of Energy healing Instructor James Seriph
The Complete Guid to your Energy body. Instructor James Seriph
Hot Stones massage Instructor Mark Perren-Jones
Discover your Energy body. Instructor James Seriph
Psychic mediumship ESP & Psychic Awareness Instructor Alan Kirwan
Andlig healing . Scandinavian Academy for Inner potential. Instruktör Christopher OLSSON
Professional Aromtheraphy for Healthy living, level 2. Instructor Tania Magdalena
Aromatherapy for massage Therapists. Instructor Mark Perren - Jones
Group chakra healing Practitioner professionell Course Instructor Tania Magdalena
Certified how to be a Psychic medium - Psychic Attunement. Instructor Julian Jenkins
Professionell holostic massage Course for, mind, body, Spirit. Instructor Mark Casey - Tania Magdalena
Thai massage Course - Step by step Guid to Thai massage. Instructor Mark Perren - Jones
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