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Holistic Therapist, Event Producer and Cultural Manager

Fiona Hadassa is the founder of Anima Mundi, The healing Hub, she is a Healer, an Alquimist and Wellness Coach. She teaches the Healyourself workshop, as well as healing therapies such as Thetahealing, EFT Tapping, Deeksha and Meditations. She organises holistic retreats, rituals and cocoa ceremonies.

She studied a degree in International Relations at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences at the UNAM and a technical career in photography at the Escuela Activa de Fotografía de Coyoacán. She has studied psychology, ontological coaching, dream interpretation, astrology, tarot, crystal therapy, aromatherapy, languages and curatorial and art courses.

Fiona has 20 years of experience producing and organising cultural and holistic events in Mexico and Europe, such as art exhibitions, fashion shows, sporting events, concerts, art exhibitions and residencies, film festivals, holistic rituals and ceremonies.

She is the founder and director of Casa México, a cultural association dedicated to the promotion of Latin American contemporary art in Europe. In 2009 she opened the model and talent agency, Blink Talents.

In 2020 she created the community Tribu Mujer Magia in Berlin, a collective of medical women dedicated to providing emotional and spiritual support to Spanish-speaking migrant women. They organise women’s circles and moon rituals to empower migrant women.

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