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My name is Hope. As a Reiki Master/Teacher-Practitioner in both Usui & Practical Reiki and a meditation guide, I learned how to create a safe haven, an oasis in my own inner landscape.

My journey into the world of holistic medicine of Reiki & meditation started after the tragic loss of my partner of twenty-three years. I did not want more pills. I was already in therapy. I wanted relief and was desperate to find a way to want to “stay” here. I needed additional tools in my toolbox. I started in a yoga studio learning the relaxation technique referred to as Yoga Nidra, then took classes to learn how to actually meditate because like most of us, I could not sit still for more than 5 minutes without crawling out of my skin. I had always had an interest in life force energy work and studied all about Reiki.

I then spent the next 6 + years until present learning many avenues of relaxation and somatic reset techniques to allow me to shut off the world including my own incessant dialogue so my entire body could begin to heal from the inside out. The benefits were life altering. I went from surviving to thriving and my journey continues in my own daily practice to this very day.

I believe my path here is to become the greatest version of myself, and the techniques/practices I use on myself, I am passionate about sharing with others.  I have my own holistic wellness business, Hope Enlightened LLC, co-created and ran a holistic wellness non-profit.

I am enthused to be a part of IAOTH and share the gift of how to create an authentic relationship with yourself.

I look forward to meeting & creating there with you.


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