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HEALTH & FITNESS CAREER: Founded Croc Fitness(R) back in 2016 after working on myself since 2012. I became a published author on Got 3 foreign Certifications in Sciences Of Exercises (University Of Colorado), Understanding Obesity (University Of Edinburgh) , Stanford’s Study of Food & Health (Stanford) and acquiring Croc Fitness Fitness Trainer Certification Level-1 currently which is a certification program designed by myself and being conducted in Karachi. I own a fitness studio and have conducted fitness sessions, bootcamps, Rehabilitation programs, workshops and lectures continuously since 2016 across Pakistan. I became the first professional fitness trainer to design workout methods for people with Disabilities in Pakistan. I have trained under 19 Women’s Hockey Team (Star Women’s Hockey Team). Recently I successfully conducted WOW (workout on workplace) sessions in many major Hospitals & Universities in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad & Rawalpindi. My Online programs are sold worldwide as they are effective and easy to follow. Currently, I am conducting Live Exercise Sessions on Zoom as well. Presently, “ActNise PharmEvo” sponsors me.


Chose Electronics Engineering by choice not unintentionally. Always had great interest in hands on experience rather than theory. Participated in 6 in-house project competitions ( Won 4). 4 National Level Competitions of Drones and Robotics. Designed around 26 Different projects throughout the Bachelors including blind aid device, UAVs, Robots, 6ft Glider (VTOL + HTOL + Glider) and many more. In the last year of bachelors, took a turn and started working on Research Project regarding Off-Shore Oil Explorations and wrote 3 Conference Research Papers on the subject. All 3 got published in IEEE Conferences. Got Empoyed 1 day before my Graduation and worked in Textile and Food Industry for 8 months. Then found a Research opportunity in NRDI (Naval Research & Development Institute) and got selected there. Still working there. I am doing good in both ALHAMDULILLAH so its hard do pick one. Both Fields are of my interest and passion and i enjoy them much. Cheers

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