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Peace, I am happy that you chose to read my profile. Here is a little bit about me I am an Ordained Minister, Spiritual Counselor, Cognitive Behavior Therapist, Reiki Master Level III Energy Healer, Herbalist, and Hypnotherapist amongst many things. I believe that all living beings humans, animals, and plant life deserve to live happier healthy lives that’s one of the reasons that I get so much joy and optimism being a therapist. I also believe that as we think in our hearts we shall become so it’s important for us to be aware that whatever we place our minds focus on and give energy to this will manifest in our lives so positive thoughts are imperative. I help clients reach plateaus in positive thinking and lifestyles so they can be all they desire to be. I am also an author with a few manuscripts in the publishing process. Currently, I am working on expanding my services globally so that other people in other countries will be able to access me and my services. The journey of healing can be an arduous one but in the end, it will be well worth it. “You Are What You Think”.

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a dynamic psychology-based personal growth discipline that offers thought-provoking insights into the relationship between emotions, habits, perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors of the human mind. A cognitive therapist investigates how we perceive and interpret information from the environment around us, and how we combine information from that environment with our prior experiences to make decisions about how to respond to our changing environment. This course will offer you insight into the central role cognition plays in our everyday lives.
Using the path of the Herbalists of old, to help people learn plant astrology, sacred earth festivals, plant lore, plant consciousness to help them decide which herbs and plants will work best with their bodies to help them gain optimum results in their health
Rebalances the entire Lung Meridian Pathway and any physical symptoms associated with the Lungs. Also defuses any feelings of sadness or grief in the system.
As a Shamanic Art Life Coach you will guide your clients on a journey into themselves using creative art and rituals that have been used for thousands of years to create greater harmony, health and wellbeing. Shamanism is based on ancient indigenous cultures and tribes from around the world, including medicine people, healers, herbalists, storytellers, and artisans. Apply this powerful ancient wisdom in your own life using creative therapeutic art exercises, sound healing, and movement that restores your connection to nature and your higher self.
Become a fully qualified Hypnotherapist with this fully accredited best selling Online Training Course in Hypnotherapy. This course gives you all the tools to become a fully recognized and competent Hypnotherapist. This course will give you everything you need to know from the theory of Hypnosis to the all important Hypnotic sessions themselve
In Level I of this course you will learn about the history of Reiki as a healing modality and tool for enlightenment. You will explore how Reiki works and begin practicing using this amazing energy with yourself. In Level II of this course you will learn how to perform Reiki from a distance as well as how to use aspects of the Reiki energy to clear unwanted habits and manifest your goals. In Level III, you will learn how to teach and perform attunements on others wanting to utilize Reiki for themselves. You will receive a comprehensive manual as well as additional worksheets. You will have the choice to connect with other like-minded individuals in an active online group which you can access even after you have completed the course. You will receive distance attunements for all three levels from your Instructor/Master. You will also receive a traditional certificate (pdf format) from your Instructor/Master once you successfully complete this course. This course can be used as a way to enhance personal growth and/or work on any imbalances within yourself or those around you. Individuals wanting to add Reiki to their current practice or wanting to begin their own Reiki practice will benefit highly from this course. Also, individuals wanting to teach Reiki to others will have the material they need to do so once they have completed this course.
As an NLP practitioner and coach, you will: Learn how to help your clients set goals in a way that navigates the mind’s road blocks. Become a master communicator, including the ability to read body language, develop strong rapport and build deeper relationships. Become a highly effective coach by knowing how to listen, question and challenge your clients in a way that empowers them to overcome limitations and create lasting change Explore advanced techniques and methodologies that help you experience for yourself how the mind works, including how it processes sensory information, interprets experiences, and stores and retrieves information. This is a vital skill for any coach. You see, our experience of our life is based on our interpretation of the world around us. Our interpretation is based on our internal mental programming… Therefore, if we change our programming, we change our experience of life… But, it isn’t just because our interpretation changes… changing our programming actually creates a new reality!
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