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Naturopathic medicine believes in a future in which the physician no longer administers “chemical” drugs, but rather interests these patients in the proper care of the human body. It is important to think carefully about our diet, the causes and prevention of disease. Thomas Edison once said it, natural medicine has made this its motto.

As a naturopathic therapist, I do not focus on the client’s illness, but on the body’s ability to heal itself.

The Naturopathic Therapist
bases himself on a different view of humanity than most sectors of health care. Every human being not only has a physical body but is also surrounded by a subtle energetic field. This field influences cellular processes and operates at a higher energetic level.

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A beautiful course to learn how to use Organic Essential Oil in your Massages. Learn how to make them, the History and all the Technique on the massage itself. This is a course I give at home and you will get the Syllabus and the necessary tools for it
A course that will take about a year. It is wonderful massage with 7 specialties in one. Meditation, Cranio Sacral Massage, Zero Balance, Reiki, Shiatsu, Relax Massage and MLD ( Manual Lymfe Draining)
Learning about The Universal Life Energy is a powerful knowledge. In these courses you will be guided by me to learn how to feel and to use the Rei ( universal) ki (Chi- energy). Help yourself and others to find the way back home in yourself is one of the many possibilities to use Reiki. You will receive the Syllabus and Practise and learn it all at my home.
TuiNa ( Push - Pull) massage is one section out of many in the TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a beautiful massage with a lot of techniques. In this course, which will take time for a year, you will learn about: Anatomy - Physiology - Meridians, Hand's on techniques - Muscles - and a lot more.
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  • A weekend in the Netherlands in a beautiful center. A wwkend with Tai Chi for everyone to do. Singingbowl -concert, meditation, Labyrinth and a lot of freetime. Own room with shower, etc. Naturopathie Al het beste! (

    Jan 25, 2023 10 months ago