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Violet Light Golden Heart Therapies is a USA based, multi modality therapies company, currently located in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, USA. We offer Reiki: Usui Holy Fire II, Angelic Healing, Aromatherapy: Holistic; Pain Relief; and Mind & Body Wellness; Massage Therapy and Asian Bodywork. We are a place “Where The Heavens Open Up”. Come And Glow With Us!

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4836 North Sheridan Road

Apt 3/Suite #203

Chicago, Illinois 60640

United States of North America

Company Email: vi*********************@gm***.com

Company Mobile Phone: +1-866-266-4436

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08:00 am to 06:00 pm
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4836 N Sheridan Rd, Chicago, Illinois, United States


Mob: +1-866-226-4436


41.970236, -87.655248


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I earned my Certification in, Massage Therapy and Asian Bodywork from Pacific College Of Health Sciences (formerly Pacific College Of Oriental Medicine) in Downtown Chicago, Illinois, USA in 2018. This Certificate encompasses the onsite, Hands-On training and education in both Western Massage Modalities and Eastern Massage Modalities and Eastern Bodywork Modalities (e.g. Swedish Massage, Tui Na- Hand Techniques, Tui Na- Structural Techniiques, Massage, Kinesiology, Clinical Massage, Reflexology, Tai Ji, Qi Gong, Qi Gong- Five Animal⁰Aromatherapy- Mind and Body Wellness, Aromatherapy- Pain Management, Aromatherapy- Five Elements, Clinical Counseling, Biomedical Pathology For Massage Therapist and Anatomy and Physiology).
Learn the Angelic realms, the Angels, types of Angels, function of each Angel and how to recognize the signs of Angels,. This course also teaches Angel symbols and crystals, how to connect with them and when, how to connect to the light and how to provide full one-on-one Angelic Healing Services in person and from a distant location.
This course helps to define Reiki, its healing uses, the history, the definition of meditation and scanning and how to perform these modalities on self and others, how to open the energy portals and Chakras of self and others to the light, the definition of Dry bathing and how to perform this cleansing on self and others.
This course defines the meaning of Reiki symbols and their uses on self and others, how to use the Reiki symbols for treating self and others, explains the necessary business documents, explainations and practice using Reiki symbols to treat self and others, explanations of practice using Koki-ho (Use of Reiki symbols with breath), Enkaku Chiryo (Distance Reiki) and how to provide it across space and time, Gyoshi-ho (sending Reiki with your eyes) and practice sending this energy to self and others.
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