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Hello Loves!

And welcome to my bio page! My name is Jennifer.

I am an accredited and certified practitioner of my services and teachings. Which all of my courses except for one is certified. The rest are for certification of practitionership.

My teaching is with Metaphysics and Healing as well as Intuitive and Psychic and Mediumship Modalities. One course out now that is certified is called Certification For Self Readings And Sitters For Readers This is for if you are a client of a professional even if self-taught reader. And you are wanting to learn how to do your own self readings and understand clearly how to set up before a reading how to know the signs etc during and after a reading. Including before a reading.

This course is for that. Along with welcoming other readers to our website to advertise. And the certificate for you is to show to our readers from my website or one that you use now or will find. You will show them that certificate. It helps to authenticate you being a client as well as for finding an authentic reader from my website. I created this course before the dark magic scammers started. But I do find it with more reason the importance of this course since then.

My services also range in that. Such as Intuitive, Psychic, Mediumship, Crystal Healing, Reiki Master, and Teacher Angelic Healing. And more!

I am in the works of finishing my Intuitive Psychic Healing Mediumship Practitioner course. And after will start on other ones.

Thank you for taking the time to read. I’m sending you much love and light, gratitude and thanks! <3 🙂

I will be open again soon. Please keep checking back!

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