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Thank you for showing interest in who I am and what I have to offer!

First off, I am an Accredited Herbalist here in Ontario, Canada.
I have been practicing holistic nutrition and lifestyle for over 15 years through real-life experience and intensive self-study. I have personally struggled with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and digestion issues over the years and have solely worked with only plants, foods, and metaphysical practices for my improvements.

I am a retired Reiki Master and Mindset Practitioner with intuitive abilities which have helped me to come into more awareness that I have the ability to help others narrow down their health issues by working with my gifts and experience. Working in a health food store in London, Ontario, and working with one on one’s in my personal practice, was the doorway to this beautiful gift. This lead me to realize my life’s purpose was more than working with just energy and mindset but also branching more into the world of herbalism and broadening my holistic world of knowledge.

It has become such a passion of mine that I want to continue to learn and share more about how one can become their best-self by embracing the path of more self-awareness and improvement.

I am currently studying for my Master’s Certificate in Ayurvedic Lifestyle, as well as becoming certified to work with medicinal mushrooms, and making my own herbal remedies and products.

Thank you again for taking this time. I hope to hear from you and see if we could be a working match!
I offer free 30 min complimentary video calls to see if I could be of value to you. Due to the uniqueness of each person, I will offer a short write-up as well as appointment fees and lengths of treatment based on your personal needs. Life isn’t one size fits all, we all of our own little box that is unique to each of us. Time to build onto that box some tools to help you feel your best!

Look forward to hearing from you!
If you are interested in chatting, please scroll down and click sp******************@gm***.com to set up an appointment today!

Much love,
Jennifer Lytle

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