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Nutrition Advisor, Gut health Consultant, Intermittent Fasting Consultant, Keto Dietary Advisor, Dietary Supplements Advisor
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Hello, I am Joanna Alexis. I am originally from Tirunelveli (Tamil Nadu, Southern part of India). Like most of us, I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Coimbatore and worked as a Software Engineer in Infosys, Chennai.

I got married and life got busy with two kids. So I have decided to quit my job and take care of the kids. Being a mom at home, I started gaining a lot of weight. After my first kid is born, I gained almost 25 Kgs. I badly wanted to lose weight. I read a lot about the Ketogenic diet and started following the diet with walking and exercise, I lost 20 Kgs. That’s when I started to think that we can lose weight with the Ketogenic diet and I wanted to learn more about it.

After my second delivery, again I started to put on weight. And now I wanted to try a different way to lose weight which all of us can follow. And so I learned and completed a course on Ketogenic diet and Intermittent fasting and became an IAOTH (International Association of Therapists) Accredited Therapist. And here I am now as a Nutrition Advisor.

This time, I started reducing my weight with a balanced diet and intermittent fasting. I am in the phase of losing it. I am providing Ketogenic diet plans as well as a balanced diet plan with or without intermittent fasting. I heard many say that weight loss is a tedious process and we won’t see the result. No, it is not so. We can lose it with a balanced diet and exercising and also with little patience.

I have done it once and I am doing it for the second time and I enjoy the healthy weight loss. Come let us join and lose weight and live a SANO VITA.

Joanna Alexis

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