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My name is John Alexander and I practise Distance Angelic Healing, Akashic Card Reading and Angel Oracle Card reading.

I would be honoured to help you with a Distance Healing or a Reading today.

All prices can be found at Etsy on my shop. There are discounts in the shop so go and have a look around:

I use Akashic Tarot to provide a detailed look into your Past, Present and Future. This is carried out using an ‘Egyptian Pyramid’ form that allows me to read and dive deeply into the things you need to know and understand.

I will then type up the full reading and send it to you via email, together with a photograph of the actual cards that were chosen by Spirit for you to act upon in your life.

The Angel Oracle Cards give you a three card reading. This gives you a reading or insight into your immediate past, your present and immediate future.

If you need Distance Healing for yourself or another person, please contact me.

I’m truly passionate about my gift and I hope to share the same comfort, warmth and compassion through my readings for you.  We are all linked to each other in this Multiverse and I am just bringing to you what I am being told by the Light (God, Universe, etc.,).

I am here to do my best for you and look forward to chatting with you soon.

John Alexander



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