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We are BET LEM STORES” Retailer and Trading Company founded in 2019 .In the beginning of the company focused in the retail and trading of consumable products and due customer demand re-organized for manufacturing of Cosmetics and Beauty Products.

“SUCCESS INTERNATIONAL CO,LTD “is the company was found in 2022.In the first stage the company focused on manufacturing of natural and blended materials ,organic and ecofriendly ”Cleaner Products “and “Cosmetic products” and after successful implementation success expanded its business with the “Aromatherapy Essential Oil” and “Body and Wellness SPA” and “Aurvedic Massage” and “Candles” production

We are a panel of Team members include Researchers, Scientist, Doctors, Formulators and Mentors   .Guaranteed that our products are physically performance and analytical testing

It is our great honor serving you as a customer and at the same assuring you of using the best quality materials to manufacture of products. By saying so,we would like to encourage you in purchasing of our goods ,as a certain percentage is reserved for charity purposes, as we strongly believe in our responsibilities for the society .

Our Mission

As small contribution of making the world a better place by focusing on eco-friendly practices by providing natural, high quality and ethical products to our customers with an exceptional service.

By doing so, we earn loyalty of our customers.

It is our intension to grow within 10years into a large organization of regional importance in detergents, cleaners and cosmetics industry as well as manufacturing of aromatherapy oil, Body and Wellness SPA and aurvedic massage and candles.

It is our aim to build up a solid reputation to the customer by complying to contact requirements and specifications and by providing best service.

This company will strive to achieve excellence in all activities and there by attain “International “as well as “Local” reputation for”Qualty “and “reliability”


Our Vision

  • To offer natural and eco-friendly healthy products to the customers
  • To educate the customer about the beauties of natural and eco-friendly products and their ingredients
  • To create change by imbruing our current and future generation with opportunities develop relationship with natural practices and products
  • To provide ethical quality products and services to our customer loves
  • To create local opportunities and equal opportunities to the disabilities and enhance to find solution for the poverty .Also support to the society and charity work



Business Hours

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08:00 am to 06:00 pm
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Tel: +639064043973


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