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Karanna Academy © includes the Karanna School of Personal, Spiritual Development & Complementary / Alternative Therapies – International Accredited by the IPHM Institute and IAOTH Association, and which operates through courses, initiations, meditations, conferences and seminars / workshops.

Karanna Academy has an E-Learning platform through which you can participate in online-live video courses and conferences and recorded video courses. The courses can be accessed in the peace and comfort of your home, without travel, without other practical impediments. We also periodically hold workshops, seminars and courses at our headquarters in Craiova.

The Karanna School, Courses and Trainers are registered / accredited by the International Institutes IPHM, IAOTH, NSA, CoE, CIT, Reiki Rays Institute, ZUR Institute and ANC / CNFPA (Romania).



Personal Development Counseling – ANC / CNFPA Accreditation

Trainers – ANC / CNFPA

International Accredited Vocational Training Providers – IPHM

International Accredited Training Providers – IAOTH

Life Coaching Certification – NS Academy

International Accredited Courses – Personal Development, Spiritual Development, Regression, Spiritual Healing, Psycho-Energy Protection, Hypnosis, Regression, etc.

Accredited Instructors – Previous Life Regression – IPHM

Founders of Accredited Therapy System – A-Ouverta Mannas ©

Registered Professors Lightarian Reiki ™ – L.I.G.H.T.

Accredited Hypnotherapists – AAH & IPHM & CIT & CoE Institute

Psycho-Energetic Protection Specialists – in person & at a distance (Shadowing & Occasionally)


Presentation Karanna Founding Instructor © – Anca Bogdan

Author: The book “Psi Protection – The Way of Divine Reconnection

ANC / CNFPA Accredited Trainer

International Accredited Instructor – IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine)

Life Coaching Certification – NS Academy

Co-Founder Karanna Academy ©

Accredited Therapist – EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques ™ – CIT Institute (The College of Integrated Therapies)

Founder of Accredited Therapy System – A-Ouverta Mannas ©, Atmic Boost ©, Khyati System ©, ATMAN Spiritual Connection ©, Fire Pentalfa Seal ©, Karanna Ascension © – Karanna Merkabah & Mayavarupa Body ©, Realms & Seals of Devas / Spirits of Nature – Deva’s Realms & Seals ©

IPHM Accredited Trainer – Courses & Counseling in: Spiritual Development & Psy Defense Techniques | Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy Hermetism & Shamanic Practices | Herbal Healing & Essential Oils | Karma and Reincarnation Therapy and Healing | Reiki Karanna and Esoteric Initiations and Therapies

Instructor Mindfulness & Meditation ZUR Institute

Registered Master-Teacher Lightarian Reiki Gr – Gr. VI – International Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation ™

Universal Life Church Monastery – Reverend (Minister).

Accreditation Hermetism & Shamanic Practices – IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine)

Medium & Psychic


Education: Brasov Faculty of Music – UTB
Faculty of Law – Univ. Europeana Dragan
Faculty of Economics – Specialization: Management – UMV
CNFPA Accredited Trainer
International Accredited Trainer – IPHM
International Accredited Life Coaching Trainer – NS Academy


Presentation Instructor Founder Karanna © – Catalin Bogdan

Author: The book “7 Steps to Change”
Trainer & Personal Development Advisor Accredited ANC / CNFPA
International Accredited Instructor – IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine)
Co-Founder Karanna Academy ©
ANC / CNFPA Accredited Personal Development Advisor
Advanced Certified Hypnotist AAH (The American Alliance of Hypnotists)
CIT Accredited Hypnotherapist (The College of Integrated Therapies)
Regression Therapist in Past Lives Accredited CIT (The College of Integrated Therapies)
CoE Accredited Hypnotherapist – Center of Excellence
Founder of the Regression Technique in Previous Lives – Looping Regression © Method
Trainer Acreditat International IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) – Courses & Counseling in: Spiritual Development & Psy Defense Techniques | Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy Hermetism & Shamanic Practices | Herbal Healing & Essential Oils | Karma and Reincarnation Therapy and Healing | Reiki Karanna and Esoteric Initiations and Therapies

Studies: Construction Technology – UTCB
Faculty of Constructions – UTCB
CNFPA Accredited Trainer
ANC / CNFPA Accredited Massage Technician
AAH & CIT & CoE Accredited Hypnotherapist
Personal Development Advisor – CNFPA Accredited



CERTIFICATE Personal Development Advisor – ANC


CERTIFICATE Massage Technician, Somatic Massage, Reflexogenic Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Therapeutic Massage – ANC

Vocational Training Provider, Accredited Trainer – IPHM

Training Provider, Accredited Trainer – IAOTH

Accredited Hypnotherapist – College of Integrated Therapies

Accredited Therapist – EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques ™ – The College of Integrated Therapies

Past Life Regression Specialist & Trainer – Regression Specialist in Past Lives & CIT Accredited Trainer

Metaphysical Practitioner – The World Metaphysical Academy

Past Life Regression Therapist – Institute of Metaphysical Theology

Psychic Intuitive – Reiki Rays Institute

Totem Animal Specialist – Reiki Rays Institute

Vibrational Therapist – Institute of Metaphysical Theology

Astral Projection Specialist – Reiki Rays Institute

Dr of Methaphisics – ULC

Master of Wicca – ULC

Lightarian Reiki Master-Teacher Lvl VI – Healing Hands Academy

Credentials of Ministry – ULC

DIPL Past Life Regression – The College of Integrated Therapies

Certificate in Hypnotherapeutic Studies – College of Integrated Therapies

Diploma in Emotional Freedom Technique Lvl I & II – College of Integrated Therapies

Mindfulness & Meditation Certificate – ZUR Institute

Life Coaching Certificate – NS Academy

Hypnotherapist Certificate – CoE – Center of Excellence


With a personal experience of practice and spiritual development with a duration of approximately 24 years, Anca Bogdan & Catalin Bogdan, Accredited National and International Therapists and Instructors, in 2011 we laid the foundations of energy systems and accredited personal and spiritual development courses by the IPHM Institutes, under the emblem of Karanna Academy ©.

Starting with the spring of 2013, Karanna Academy completed the internships for 3 groups of students of 7 and 3 months, respectively, each internship, with a total of approximately 300 students, currently the number of students exceeds 5,000, and in the spring of 2014 we started the Academy project. Karanna ©. The main object of the taught courses is Personal & Spiritual Development, Psycho-energetic Protection, but also Meditation & Hypnosis Courses, etc.… The courses are taught weekly, in the evening, after 20:00, for a better coordination with the available time of the students.

Since 2014, Karanna © has introduced Distance Video E-Courses, consisting of recorded video courses, electronic materials (PDF) and audio materials.

Also in 2014 we started teaching On-Site – In-Class Courses. During June 2014, for two weeks, we held the first Psycho-Energy Protection course in Craiova, a course that enjoyed a great success and a great participation rate.

Another category of courses are the SELF Study type, based on PDF materials.

Karanna Academy © has an E-Learning Platform where each student is assigned a user and a password to access the course materials. The platform is secure, as is LIVE Streaming, where Academy students can access the Conference Room for LIVE Seminars and Courses.

We have constantly developed our public activity in recent years, and since 2012 we have started teaching, initiation, therapy, etc., internationally.

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Strada Doljului, Craiova, Județul Dolj, Romania


44.3298041, 23.7976128

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Duration : 5 months - 1 lesson per week Curriculum: Cosmogony course STATEMENTS AND WORKING TOOLS: Daily schedule ATMIC BOOST Initiation© Meditation: Awareness and dissolution of obstacles to spiritual evolution Video Course - Energy Blockages Chakras course and energy fields Chakra balance meditation COURSE PROCEDURES FOR ACTIVATING THE ASTRAL VIEW TECHNIQUES AND PROCEDURES FOR MEDITATION Exercise for opening the third eye Guided Meditation - House of the Soul DAILY COURSE & EXERCISES FOR ENERGY CLEANING Break Free Deep Clearing Reiki Initiation Karmic Reiki - Initiation Grade I Karmic Reiki - Initiation Grade II Initiate Arch-Angelic Seichim COURSE AND INITIATION LEVEL I - KHYATI SYSTEM © KARANNA ACADEMY © www.evolutiespirituala.ro /office@evolutiespirituala.ro COPYRIGHT BY Karanna. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Pagina 2 din 11 Initiation Khyati System © level II Initiation Khyati System © level III Initiation Khyati System © level IV Written Exam - Spiritual & Psychic Development Course Link : https://www.evolutiespirituala.ro/curs/curs-spiritual-psychic-development-curs-dezvoltare-spirituala/
Duration : 3 months - 1 lesson per week Curriculum: Universal Laws and Creation Daily Schedule and Working Methods PSI ATTACK - Categories and Types of Psi Attack Protection Methods: Dowsing Methods Protection Methods: Energy Methods - Reiki Methods Methods of Protection: Esoteric Methods Protection Methods: Psychotronic Methods & Other Methods Protection Methods: Angelic Methods Methods of Protection: Religious Methods DAILY COURSE & EXERCISES FOR ENERGY CLEANING Alternative Techniques Module - Power Animals & Native American Totems FINAL WRITTEN TEST - PSI PROTECTION COURSE Link: https://www.evolutiespirituala.ro/curs/curs-protectie-psi-psiho-energetica/
Duration : 4 years - 1 lesson per week LEVEL I History of Magic from 2700 BC to the present Creation Myths and Pantheons of the World: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome. Titans. The gods of Olympus. Magi in the history of the Earth What is magic and what is a magician? The rules of magic. Titles and Ranks. DAILY PROGRAM: Binocular views Make a diary (grimoire), choose a name and create your altar Types of Magic: Theurgy and Thaumaturgy. The colors of magic. Magical - parapsychic abilities Meditation and visualization Body control Reading and controlling auras psychokinesis Telepathy and Clairvoyance Dictionary of dream interpretation. Nightmares and how to stop them. Lucid dreaming. Journey in vis. Patterns of magic, divination and the Holographic Universe Symmetry, Parity (force and flow), Auroras and Morphogenetic Fields The anthropomorphic personifications of Nature: Gods, Flora, Fauna, Cosmos. The spirits of nature. The elements of nature and elementals: gnomes, sylphs, waves, salamanders. The Earth element. Theme The Water element. Theme Air element - Fire element - 5th element Magic Instruments. Wand (Air Element). Making and using the wand. Sanctification and use of the cup. Using the pentagram. Currency. Athame site. Sanctification and use of the athame. Smoker. The mortar and pestle. Ceremonial vessels. Bell. The Book of Shadows and the Grimoire. The speculum and the crystal globe. The Magic Circle. Monads, Diades and Triads. Cardinal elements and points. Magic correspondent Planets, Days and Chakras. The months and signs of the zodiac INITIATION I LEVEL II Signs and symbols: magical symbolism. Ancient writing. Magic alphabets Egyptian, Pythagorean glyphs and seals, pentagrams, astrological symbols. The theme creates your personal seal. Planetary and elementary correspondences for talismans. Metals and stones corresponding to the planets. The 7 Olympic Spirits, Angels, Planets and the corresponding Archangels. Names of Hierarchies - correspondents. The AGLA talisman. Making and loading talismans. Consecration of talismans. Planetary talismans. The Talisman of the Sun. Talismans for health, prosperity, travel, business. Solomon's Great Key. Pantacle against enemies, dangers, poverty, disease and pain, against unjust imprisonment (prison), for love. How it is used and works. Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Hebrew, astrological, Gnostic, Viking, Chinese, Celtic amulets. Plant and animal amulets. Magic crystals. Amulets made of precious and semi-precious stones. The correspondences of the magic crystals. The correspondence of the crystals with the zodiac signs. Healing with crystals. Purification of crystals and recharging. Amulets made of organic substances Magical symbols: voodoo, Hindu signs, mandalas. Practicing magic: The ritual. Imitative magic. Sympathetic magic: Color matches in candle magic. Ritual with candles: rituals for changing destiny, for changing a situation, for reversing a spell, for protecting against energy attacks, for prosperity, health, justice, for reversing a spell, etc. Recitation of the Psalms to perform various desired actions. Water rituals for purification, protection and cleaning baths Binding with cord and knot. Working with the weather. Prevention, diagnosis and cure. Talismans against the eye, rituals, cures and words and gestures of release. The laws of magic Ritual planning Types of ritual: celebration, protection, healing, warping, initiation, etc. Rites of passage Sacraments: actions and substances. The structure of the ritual. Preparations. Purification. Incision and earthing. The composition of the Circle. Invocation of squares and gods. II INITIATION LEVEL III Concentration and meditation. Communion and sanctification. End of the ritual. Magic time. Phases of the month, periods and seasons. Zodiac signs and divine names. Planetary aspects. Planetary angels and the days of the week. The angels of the hours and days. Magic hours. Fast and bad days. The signs of the moon. The rituals of the month. Tree Calendar Wheel of the Year - Sabbath Cycle. Squares and Magic Signs The talismans of the planets and the powers of the elements. Sanskrit names of elements, correspondence with geometric symbols, shapes and colors. The conspiracy of the 4. Complete ritual and INITIATION. The conspiracy of the 7. Complete ritual and INITIATION. Rituals for luck and success Rituals for health and healing Rituals for protection Rituals for travel and communication Rituals for casting out evil spirits Manifestation rituals Love rituals Rituals of wealth and prosperity Aquamarine magic. Meditation. Blue magic. Chakra therapy Aura therapy. Chromotherapy. Pranic Healing. Remote healing. Cristaloterapia phytotherapy Green Magic. About plant science. The use of herbs in magic Essential oils for magic. Correspondence with the elements, planets, zodiac and sabat. Oils for anointing magic candles. Yellow Magic. The mantic arts Interpretation of signs Astrology and Tarot Runes and oracle stones III INITIATION LEVEL IV Palmistry and Clairvoyance Orange magic Principles of alchemy. Alchemical symbols. Magic Cafe. Totems. Metamorphosis. Loan. Call. Natural cattle Violet Magic. Sun. Eclipsele.Planetele. Stars and Galaxies. Constellations. Cosmogony. Cosmic tunnels. Transparent Magic. Pythagorean numbers. Numerology. Theme: your lucky number Perfect bodies in nature and sacred geometry Fibonacci Series and the Golden Number The Dimensions and Magic of Chaos Hermeticism - Emerald Plate White Magic. Kabbala. Cartile Kabbalah. The Tree of Life Kabbalah - Divine Name Kabbalah - Corresponding Spiritual Sephiroths and Hierarchies / Corresponding Divine Names Kabbalah - Kabbalistic money. The third world (Divine). Correspondence of the Sephirot with the Pythagorean numbers and the Hindu Gods. Angels and Demons. Angelic rituals. Gray Magic. Universal Myths. Heroes and Heroines Legendary travels and adventures Black Magic (Dark Arts). Pharmacies and Pharmacies. Satanism. Demonology. Ghosts. Vampires. Zombies. Werewolves. Moroii. What they are and how to break a curse. About Living Silver, Samca, Dagyda How to protect yourself from the Dark Arts. Rituals. Folklore: The Other Worlds. The Land of Dreams. Fairyland. The Three Worlds. Yggorasil. Turtle Worlds. The realms of the Gods The realms of the dead The Nordic Gods. The 7 African powers. Fauns, satyrs, haters, ogres, trolls, dwarfs, gnomes, elves, iele, goblins, pixies, elves, fairies. Cryptozoology and the Magic Bestiary. Mythical creatures. IV INITIATION Link: https://www.evolutiespirituala.ro/curs/curs-complet-de-initiere-in-hermetism-magie-ezoterica/
Duration : 4 years - 1 lesson per week YEAR 1 Karma - general consideration Karma Yoga - fundamental principles Universal Laws - The Law of Karma Universal Laws - The Law of Causality Universal Laws - The Law of Action and Reaction Universal Laws - The Law of Compensation Universal Laws - The Law of Remuneration Universal Laws - Law of Resistance Dharma and Svadharma The 3 Guna and Karma Indryia Karma and Free Will Karma and Reincarnation - general principles The 3 general types of Karma The attachments of the Ego and its dependent nature Karma and the mechanism of death Individual karma - life and death Karma and Chakras - the mechanism of reincarnation Transcendence of Karma - Chosaku - Yoga Methods Chakras, Meridians, Personality, Internal Organs and Karmic Correlation Karmic therapy - principles, methods Guided Relaxation Meditation Hypnosis script - regression in a previous life Guided meditation on the integration and continuity of the Ego The discovery of the true Self Reconnection Meditation Loneliness, Karma and dreams Meditation of connection with the Higher Self Symbols and archetypes in the process of healing karma Meditation - Symbols for unlocking karmic obstacles Will, karma, the principle of reincarnation and past lives The actual process of detailed reincarnation - the world beyond and the return to the body Karma Cleansing - INITIATION - RIT 1 YEAR 2 The stages of spiritual evolution towards the interruption of the incarnation cycle Karma of money - Karma of wealth, Karma of poverty - prayer and analysis Karma of relationships and Karma of family, Karma of parent-child relationship and Karma of sibling relationship Karma of the husband-wife relationship, Karma of the sentimental life - Karma analysis of relationships Karma of friendship and Karma of enmity, Karma of crime, Karma of sex Professional Karma and Career Karma - analysis Karma of the soul - analysis Karma of the physical body, Karma of disease and death Karma naturii, Karma spirituala Collective Karma - Karma of Nations, Karma of Leaders, Karma of National, Karma of War Karma of races, Karma of religion Collective Karma of the World - Overview, Karma of the World in Relation to World War II, Karma of the World in Relation to Africa, Karma of the World in Relation to the Middle East Confronting karma - identifying free will and purpose, karmic instructions 4 solutions for solving karma Aura and karma, the karmic energy of the soul Guided meditation of karma therapy by karmic purification Guided meditation therapy of karma by recharging the aura Guided meditation of karma therapy through redemption Guided karma therapy meditation for healing karmic relationships Guided meditation of money karma therapy Guided meditation for physical karma therapy Guided meditation therapy of nature karma Guided meditation therapy of professional career karma Guided meditation for karmic consciousness therapy Guided meditation of karma therapy by divine inspiration Guided meditation therapy of relationship karma Guided meditation therapy of karma - Canvas of Creation Karma and forgiveness - prayer for forgiveness 4 principles and 4 steps for healing karma Karmic obstacles - 5 karmic healing techniques Development of PSI skills for karma therapy - practical exercises Karma Cleansing - INITIATION - RIT 2 3RD YEAR Deja-vu sensation and emotional karmic triggers - activation methods Physical triggers - activation methods Mental triggers - activation methods Guided meditation - The meditation of the magic mirror Essential oils and affirmations as methods of karma therapy The essence of the problem - the cause of all the evils in everyday life - practical exercise and mantras Guided meditation - Karmic Clock Disorder in your mind and karmic disorder - a practical exercise and ritual of purification Karmic patterns - physical symptoms - meditation and practical exercise Guided reprogramming meditation - affirmations and essential oils Release of guilt - affirmations and essential oils Beliefs in the subconscious and karma - discover your beliefs that do not use your Higher Good - practical exercise, affirmations and essential oils Guided meditation - Beliefs in the subconscious Divine Justice and Karma - exercise, affirmations and essential oils Guided meditation - Divine Justice Who am I, why now and here? Practical exercise, affirmations and essential oils Guided meditation - Karmic ancestors Guided meditation - The motivation of the current incarnation Karmic trauma - practical exercise, affirmations and essential oils Guided meditation for healing karmic traumas Karmic relationships within the family - karmic catalysts - exercises, ritual, yoga postures, essential oils Karmic relationships within the family - karmic instructors - exercises, essential oils Karmic relationships within the family - the karmic example SO NO - exercises, essential oils Karmic relationships within the family - karma of change, acceptance and revelation - exercises, visualization, essential oils Karmic residues - exercise, essential oils, forgiveness therapy (introduction) Karmic revenge - exercises, ritual, essential oils Karmic values - exercises, visualization, affirmations, essential oils Karmic relationships - Red Flag relationships - unpredictable and dangerous - exercise, affirmations, essential oils Guided meditation on a Red Flag relationship Karmic Relationships - Copy Paste Relationships - Exercises, Visualization, Affirmations, Essential Oils Karmic relations - Show me the Mirror relations - practical exercise, affirmations, oils Karma Cleansing - INITIATION - RIT 3 YEAR 4 Guided meditation for accessing memories from a previous life Karmic relationships - vice versa relationships - practical exercise, visualization, affirmations, essential oils How forgiveness works - types of forgiveness What is forgiveness - the main obstacle Blockages - causes of unforgiveness - Urban myths Self-forgiveness Why forgive? The benefits of forgiveness How does our brain work and why is it so hard to forgive sometimes? Emotional pain, our standards and expectations Forgiveness facilitation techniques - visualizations, affirmations, exercises How to stay emotionally balanced How to react to upset Permanent forgiveness - defense mechanisms of the mind - practical exercises Self-forgiveness - addressing inner conflict Stress and trauma Forgiveness - secret recapitulation and fundamental principles The actual process of forgiveness - Stage 1 - your reasons The actual process of forgiveness - Stage 2 - Working on unforgiveness Awareness - self-forgiveness, healing, transformation, changing perspective Visualization exercise for dissolving the karma of the soul Visualization exercise to dissolve the karma of the physical body Visualization exercise for dissolving karma Visualization exercise for dissolving the karma accumulated in a certain life Visualization exercise for dissolving chakra karma 1 Visualization exercise for dissolving chakra karma 2 Visualization exercise for dissolving chakra karma 3 Visualization exercise for dissolving chakra karma 4 Visualization exercise for dissolving chakra karma 5 Visualization exercise for dissolving chakra karma 6 Visualization exercise for dissolving chakra karma 7 Karma Cleansing - INITIATION - RIT 4 Exam Link: https://www.evolutiespirituala.ro/curs/karma-si-reincarnarea-terapia-karmei/

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