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I am an energy healer, empath, and light worker. Since I was a child I could see spirits, angels, fairies, and unfortunately, dark entities. As I got older,  I learned how to properly use my gift to help others. I do remote healings, house clearings, and angel readings.


I started working with the Angels in 2016 for my own personal growth and develop. Please allow me to help you and introduce you to the angelic realm.

Being certified in energy healing my specialty is angelic healing and quantum healing where I work with the archangels and ascended masters to assist with conducting the healing. Quantum healing clears past life residue, soul contracts, vows and curses, ancestral influences, entities, or earthbound attachments and will clear the chakras and aura. Angelic healing will send the healing where it is needed the most and works on all levels including Emotional, Physical, Mental and Spiritual. Angelic healing is one of the most powerful energy healings since you are working directly with the divine. I mix both Quantum Healing and Angelic healing in my sessions; please keep in the mind the client must be ready to receive this healing or the healing will be rejected by the ego. You must always be open and ready to receive.


I also provide Angel readings where I spiritually connect to your angels and receive messages directly to you. I do this using angel oracle cards, like tarot cards but angel readings provide divine guidance and support. I have done several readings, all of them resonated and my clients leave the session feeling pleased and confident that they are on the right path and surrounded with unconditional love.


I make intention and healing candles, oils, and sprays. Please see link below.


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, Pinellas Park, FL, United States


Mob: 7274057341


27.8600203, -82.7059656


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