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Are You Suffering From Burnout, Grief, Guilt, Regret, Shame, Unhappiness, Worry, Major Adjustments?

You Can Become Emotionally Freer!

Learn How to Improve Your Emotional Health Holistically For the Rest of Your Life:

*Root Out Your Emotional Baggage

*Repattern Your Past Negative Emotions

*Release Emotional Distress in Your Life

*Raise Your Positive Emotions

*Rejuvenate Your Overall Health

It’s common for me to talk to people who say they are dissatisfied with years of ‘off and on’ ineffective counseling, their common complaints are the counseling was partial, it only addressed a ‘part’ of them, it was not complete; it did not get to the ‘root’ of their problem; their still stuck!

If you are ready to get to the bottom line of your emotional distress, become unstuck, you are ready for a session with myself. In working with me you have a seasoned ‘Root-Worker’ & ‘Master Reiki Practitioner’ who teaches you the same root work tools that healed African Americans through the darkest days of slavery.

My Root-Work Reiki offers you an integrative energy healing approach based on whole-person ‘root’ healing. Whole-Root healing gets to the root of inner personal problems by engaging the whole person based on ‘repatterning’ our negative emotional energy from the ‘root to the crown Chakra’.

As a Reiki Master I developed a unique Reiki modality ‘Hane-Enso’ Reiki of healing and personal development that integrates the central use of feathers (Hane) and circular (Enso) practices to facilitate and enhance energetic healing:

As far as my traditional root-work experience it’s the real deal! Most of what has been passed down and promoted today as root-work ‘Hoodoo’ is inauthentic, distorted, superficial, superstitious, and commercial (selling curios).

I also bring to you over 30 years of professional experience as a ‘Social Work Behavior Intervention Specialist’. Through ‘Rootwork-Reiki’ I offer you an effective Reiki and combined African American holistic healing approach alternative to traditional psychotherapy; working with me you are in for a new and transformative experience.

“Regardless of where you are stuck negatively in your emotions, you can get unstuck! Do you want to be healthier emotionally contributing to personal growth and transformation; do you want to remove deeply acquired negative feelings that contribute to psychological barriers, lowers your self-esteem, creates stressfulness in your life, and causes bad health, then you want sessions with Mr. Anderson who teaches you how to repattern and unlearn your unhealthy negative emotional patterns from the past. Think of your sessions with Mr. Anderson as a deep dive into your inner emotional energy so you can discover what you need to do in order to feel more inspired, optimistic, and enthusiastic. Sessions with Mr. Anderson have drastically increased my emotional awareness, emotional maturity, and emotional security. Emotionally I have much more peace within myself and in my relationships; my emotional peace has also lowered my stress contributing physical health risks and has given me more energy ‘vitality’.” – Marilyn Smith

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