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Kristina has a PsyD in Psychology, and her DCH in Hypnotherapy, along with additional Holistic Therapy credentials in EcoTherapy, CBT, NLP, DBT, and Organic Nutrition that she has acquired living and nurturing herself and others around the world since 2007.

She has an innate fascination of anything that relates to the terrestrial being and the connection with Nature. Holistic Health, includes the Sciences, our Sun, Moon, Ocean and Mother Nature combined.

She considers herself a student of the holistic lifestyle; learning, teaching, and guiding others to uncover their optimal selves.

Kristina has created her own hybrid therapies as well, including Integrative Mind Wellness Therapy, HypoEarthing (, and HypnoAffirmation Therapies (You can find sessions on YouTube) and her Neuro-Flow Life Design Program.

All her therapies stem from the knowledge that not one person is the same, and that we can achieve positive changes when we view our health, both mind and body, as a ‘total body connection’.

When we tap into Natural Health, utilize the Nature connection, and become one with our abilities, we can then tap into an enlightened comfortableness with our own unique selves, and find the power within us, as we realize that we can be the catalyst of our own positive change, as well as be our own source of happiness.

“I always practice my therapies with the total body connection in mind.  I am a firm believer in the minds ability to visualize, conquer and manifest whatever we desire. However, it’s not a magic pill. The individual needs to want change, and dedicate themselves to it as a lifestyle. ” ~ Kristina Thompson.

**You can find free hypnotherapy sessions and hypno-affirmation ™ sessions on Kristina’s YouTube Channel @ShineTherapy.

Follow my Instagram to make sure you keep your Shine, and to access mental wealth tips and tools.

It’s always a great time to Shine!

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Successfully completed through The Kew Training Academy, fully accredited by the Complementary Therapists Accredited Association.

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A study in a method of indirect hypnosis named after Dr. Milton Erickson. He was a prominent American psychiatrist and psychologist, Erickson is widely regarded as the “father of hypnotherapy”. His discoveries have influenced a wide spectrum of therapy from strategic family therapy to neuro-linguistic programming.
From the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology and is dedicated to the principle that all people with a desire to transform the lives of others, should have opportunity to fulfill their highest potential.
Certified by The KEW ACADEMY, Accredited by CTAA, Complementary Therapists Accreditation Association. Hypnotherapy for insomnia can be called upon as a safe, natural, and effective tool to help you get the rest you need. And the best part about hypnosis is that once you establish a strong bedtime ritual, you can awaken feeling refreshed and restored.
The study of the connection between our minds and our behavior. Behavioral Scientists who study behavioral psychology, focus to understand why we behave the way we do and they are concerned with discovering patterns in our actions and behaviors. The hope is that if we can use behavioral psychology to help us predict how humans will behave, we can build better habits as individuals.
Fully Certified by the Sussex Hypnotherapy Centre
Psychologist (Behavioural)
Doctor of Hypnotherapy
Nutrition for Health
Dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) The aim of DBT is to help you: Understand and accept your difficult feelings and Learn skills to manage them.

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