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The classes at Oklahoma Healing Connection, formerly known as The Natural Healing and Wellness Collaborative, have been created to give participants a thorough understanding of natural health applications as they pertain to everyday life. Participants come away with the ability to be a catalyst for empowering others to explore natural health options. Our mission is to empower others to learn, love and lead by becoming familiar and confident in the application of natural health modalities. With over 50 years of combined experience in both traditional and modern healthcare our teachers and founders bring everyday applicable healing theories to life with their multi faceted approach to learning.

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  • Reflexology Johnson, Felicia Jul 17 2020
    Reflexology Certificate for Felicia Johnson
  • Reflexology Lim, Daniel Dec 12 2019
    Reflexology Certificate for Daniel Lim
  • Reiki Shoden Nov 30 -0001
  • Reiki Okuden Jul 17 2020
    Reiki Okuden Certificate for Gabriela Perez
  • Reiki Okuden Davissen , Talina Jul 17 2020
    Reiki Okuden certification
  • Chakra Tuning Fork Certification Burkett, Patti Jul 06 2020
    Chakra Turning Fork Certification Class
  • Chakra tuning Fork Certification Perez, Gabriela Feb 01 2020
    Chakra Tuning Fork Certification
  • Chakra Tuning Fork Certification McCullouhgh, Natalie Feb 01 2020
    Chakra Tuning Fork Certification
  • Shinpiden 2020 Jul 31 2020
    Shinpiden Graduates for 2020 Gabriela Perez
In this 15 week class students will learn the history of reflexology, how to assess a person's foot health and all the reflex points of the feet through hands on application of the theory and practice of reflexology. Students will learn how to keep records of reflexology sessions and how to interact with the client during a session. Case studies and client interaction will be required for certification in this class.
Certification for the Traditional Reiki First Degree Shoden practice for entry level studies in the healing art of Reiki
This is the certification class for the professiona practice of REiki 2nd Degree of Usui Reiki,
Certification class for the Master level of tradiitonal Usui Reiki
Connect with the Angelic Realm and learn to provide healing. The Angel Healing Practitioner certification course encourages you to get in touch with and understand your intuition, read energy and to conduct angel readings confidently and to learn how to work with the angels for healing. You will also discover the ways in which the angelic realm communicates with you and learn to receive messages, information and Divine guidance and healing from the angels. Class Curriculum Teach you how to give accurate and healing angel readings, connect and communicate with your angels and the spirit world. Help you discover what is your natural Divine communication style and how to combine clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance with your readings to gain deeper insight and understanding of your angels’ messages. Learn about the angelic realm including information about Guardian Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Deceased Loved Ones. . Discuss the practical and spiritual considerations involved in becoming an Angel Healing Practitioner. Become familiar with ethical and confidentiality issues surrounding an angel reading. Learn techniques as to how to advertise yourself and build your practice. The workshop will close with a guided angel meditation that can help you to meet and interact with your angels. Have an open mind and a willingness to share in a group setting. At the completion of the course you will be required to complete at least 10 Angel Sessions (outside of class) and submit a short essay as to why you want to become a certified Angel Healing Practitioner and discuss your experience of working with the angels during your sessions.
Chakra Tuning Fork Therapy Class This Tuning Fork Class will emphasize the use of Chakra Tuning Forks to aid the practitioner in balancing the energy field, and will also include introductions to other tuning fork products. Each student will gain an understanding of the way sound healing works, the history of the different tuning fork methods, and LOTS of practice time using the tuning forks in various ways. Tuning Forks Can Be Used: To – Assess imbalances in the chakras and the various layers of the biofield – Restore balance to those affected areas – Break through persistent energy blockages – Complement other healing modalities, such as Reiki, Crystals, etc. – Techniques to use Tuning Forks
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