Dr. Lisha Jindal

Reach For Peace

"There is hope even when your brain tells you there isn't."
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The importance of mental health is greater than ever before, affecting all areas of our lives. Everything we’re doing, thinking about or saying is directly connected to the importance of a healthy state of mind. Maintaining a positive mental health and treating any mental health condition is crucial to stabilizing constructive behaviors, emotions, and thoughts. Productivity, self image and relationships can be enhanced when we focus on mental health care. If we make difficult decisions, cope with stress and reflect on the lives of others in our world, it’s human health which is a major factor. Yet, mental health isn’t just something we can deal with once and then get over. It’s important in all stages of our lives. Mental health, whether it’s at birth or in adulthood, is something to be aware of and handled with care. Mental health awareness could be one of the key challenges we face in our healthcare system as a whole, but that’s why there is an annual campaign to mark National Mental Health Awareness month i.e. May. It makes it easier to find a solution if we have such tough conversations and admit that there is an issue. We can start removing the shame and fear that’s often associated with topics surrounding mental health. The probability that someone will come forward when they need help will be increased by doing so. And As a psychologist I want to educate people about their own mental health and well-being & improve overall health and reduce illness. And to not only treat the disease itself but to help the person who is suffering improve their life.

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