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All about me – When I was young, I spoke to the unseen and knew things before they happened, my dad was like that too. As I grew older I was always interested in  from around 2000 I started looking into it more. Hungry for answers. I wanted the truth. Whatever that is? So since then I’ve been studying, holistic spiritual healing approaches and practices to get closer to the meaning of life. I needed to find out what my soul truly desires and how it can be happy and healthy. Claudia (one of my shamanic teachers) and her wolf came to me in my dreams. We were at the top of a mountain on a cliff edge (I’m really scared of heights) and she turned to me , smiled and said ‘fly with me’ then she and her wolf jumped off the cliff and flew!

Then just before I met Claudia for real as they say. I dreamt about her again and this time I jumped off the cliff on the mountain too – it was amazing.

Then I came across Shamanism quite by accident, and read up about it. Then when I saw Claudia’s photo I enrolled, it felt right, I had found my souls path in life. And that was the start of my amazing journey doing The Feather and Stone healing courses and then the Shamanic practitioner courses which goes on for years. It is my life now, there is no other way

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Holistic Healer through me from Spirit
The Power of unconditional Love - Energy Healing Work
Transformational Coaching in Healing
Healing with the power of crystals
Holistic healing with the aid of crystals
Holistic healing with the Angelic Light.
Holistic healing with the aid of the power of crystals
Holistic healing with the aid of Angels and Angel Reiki.
Advanced holistic healing with the aid of angels and their divine light.
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