The healing power of reiki energy has a much broader scope than simply providing life energy to sick organs, because our body consists not only of the physical body, but also many layers of energy and spiritual bodies in which all mental processes take place. Today doctors know that the causes of many diseases result from an unbalanced psyche, while more and more spiritually developed people know that the causes of every disease are much deeper, we can find them in our highest spiritual bodies. You should remember that the bodies that are the seat of the human spirit have the ability to remember everything that the soul has experienced in the past, and therefore, based on these experiences, they know what to experience in the future. It is known that when someone makes a mistake somewhere in life, in the spiritual bodies there are “scars” through which life energy begins to escape from the body. Therefore, losing it has a negative impact on emotions. Such a person stops responding to stimuli. Remember anger, remorse and other negative emotions, they deepen the “scratches” in energy bodies. While the self-preservation instinct tries to suppress emotions so that energy doesn’t fade away, the effects are often imperfect. Generally, only an illusion arises. When too much energy begins to leave the body and therefore logically runs out of some organs, disease can begin to form. As of today, we know that thanks to reiki techniques, we can fill the damaged energy paths with energy, and thus give sick organs the strength to regenerate and restore their original health. At the same time, not only the energy paths in the body are full, but also the “scratches” in the energy and spirit bodies begin to heal automatically. Importantly, there are changes in the emotions that caused the disease at the same time. Energy, Reiki fills energy and spiritual bodies, helps to improve emotions and creates energy protection against negative influences that come to us from outside. It has a positive effect on the prevention of diseases, helps to improve relationships. It happens that as soon as people start using Reiki, they feel inner peace and thus infect the people around them. Of course, this is not a rule, some more, others start feeling the benefits of energy faster. Remember, skillful work with energy can work miracles, but we must believe in them and it does not matter whether it is Usui Reiki or Angel, it all comes down to an act of love.
Jan 5, 2021 3 years ago