To fully understand the power and beauty of Angelic Reiki and the difference between the wonderful vibration therapy better known to Usui Reiki, we should start from the very beginning ...
The universe is made of energy.
But, beloved, you should know that everything is made of atoms, and each atom has some vibration.
The human aura has an energy field that surrounds our physical body and extends outward.
Remember, a very important thing, what we say, think or feel affects our aura, our energy field.
Our vibration changes based on our mental, emotional and physical health.
When our vibration is high, we definitely feel good!
Angels are "Intelligent Beings of Light", universal intelligence that communicates with us through the vibrations and energy of pure Love, which people who explore Angel Reiki have learned more than once.
When in the higher dimension, we are part of the Universal Consciousness.
The simple way to think about it is that Love, Angels are thoughts and awareness.
In Latin, the word Angel means "Messenger", so Angels are messengers of Love.
From the moment we are born, we are guided, supported, protected and loved by the Angels by their unconditional love.
Beloved, each of us has our own guardian angel who remains with us for life from birth.
Angels know our dreams, wishes, sadness, worries and fears. They know our every thought and action.
They know our past and our future.
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Dec 28, 2020 3 years ago