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I am the founder of Mother For Life. I’m also a mum of two daughters, a healer and an expert in all things touching the wellbeing of mothers. I am a mentor, a guide and here to make sure that you believe in your own ability to mother in a way that fills you with happiness and joy. I know it’s tough. I also know that, with the right support, you have it in you to shine!

I guide mothers and babies through every stage of their conception, birth and beyond journey. What that means is that everything I do is centred around the physical and emotional health of mums and babies. I hold safe spaces for you and your baby so that you never feel alone. Life throws us challenges and I’m here to make sure that you come through all of them with sparkle and joy!

I believe that mothers are the key to global happiness and it’s my mission to give every mother the support she needs to create a happy life for herself and her family.

I am empowering mothers to change the world.

When we are noticed, we step into a different space where we feel supported and empowered. I am here to create that nurturing, honest and compassionate space for you and your baby. Spaces throughout the world where mothers like us can be authentic and the best version of ourselves.

When you are at your best; so is your family. Your happiness gives you permission to ride with the highs and the lows and to accept yourself at any given moment. It is joyfully releasing.

By looking after the mother in you; I look after the world. I create happiness on a global scale.

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