Manoroma Mimi

Healing with Mimi Das

Mindfulness-Visualization Life Coach; Energy Healer; Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner
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I am your Mindfulness-Visualization coach, and and Energy Healer. Born in the East (India), Mimi Das uses her paternal grandmother’s first name (Manoroma) who she believes to be her guardian spirit soul. Manorama Mimi is a Poet, holistic Mindfulness-Visualization coach, mentor, teacher, energy/multidimensional healer and an Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner. 

She writes inspirational, spiritual poems and poems on Social issues (mainly touching issues arising out of domestic-intimate partner violence).She takes her past childhood trauma experiences and weaves them into poetry. 

In her coaching and healing sessions, she uses Mindfulness, Visualization meditation, EFT-tapping, writing prompts, photography, painting modalities. She also provides intuitive multidimensional healing, TwinFlame activation guided meditation, Angelic healing, Golden Light healing.

Her hobbies include writing, traveling, thinking, listening songs, photography, and reading. She had many spiritual experiences throughout her childhood, but her pregnancy and the dream related to her child evoked curiosity and took her to a much deeper level.

She is a Certified Holistic Coach and completed her Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) certification. She also has a law degree from India and currently graduated from University of Massachusetts with a Master’s in Criminal Justice. 

WE AS HUMAN BEINGS ARE CALLED ONCE AGAIN TO HEAL AND HELP Mother Earth and her children ascend and bring peace and justice through Divine Love and Light. Let’s gather around the holy water of our consciousness and heal each other.

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