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GL20 UK, Tewkesbury, England, United Kingdom


Mob: +44 7550 760540


51.992265, -2.15796


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Certification in Color Therapy Virtued Academy International 01/05/2021
Certification in Emotional Intelligence - EQ Practitioner
Certification in Counseling Children & Adolescents Virtued Academy International 22/08/2020
A Complete Masterclass to Become a Professional Hypnotherapist Virtued Acadamy International 01/06/2021
Balance Chakras and awaken Kundalini by using Color Therapy. Virtued Acadamy International 05/08/2020
Fully Accredited Certification in Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis.Complete Masterclass to Become a Professional Hypnotherapist. AIOTH, UK accredited hypnosis certification. 21/06/2021
Diploma in Hypnosis HMI Accredited (DETC) Endorsed (AHA) 18/10/2010
TMO Accredited Meditation Teacher 10/26/20
Fully Accredited Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification Virtued Academy International 15/11/2020
Reiki Level I, II, III & Master. Virtued Academy International 09/10/2020
Unblock Chakras, Cleanse Aura, Chromotherapy Certificate Crystal Hutchinson Tummala, J.D. 07/11/2020
The Complete Hypnotherapy Course, Striker Corbin 10/03/2021
10/07/2021 V.A.I A Complete Pet Training Masterclass Animals & Breeds, History,Health, Psychology & Training
Internationally Accredited Certificate in Art Therapy. 10/08/2021 Dr Krishna N Sharma Virtued Acadamy International
Accredited Certification in Ketogenic Diet (Keto Ketosis) 03/09/2021
Internationally Accredited Certificate Numerology 21/05/2021 Virtued Academy International
Certification in Solution Focused Therapy 03/08/2020 Virtued Academy International
Certification REBT Therapy 07/07/2021 Virtued Academy International
Certificate Reiki Master course 20/03/2020 Not same as I,II,III, Master course virtued Academy International
Internationally Accredited Certification PTSD Counseling & Management 19/08/2021 Virtued Academy International
The Complete Professional Psychic Course - FULLY ACCREDITED 27/09/2021 Virtued Academy International
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