Gypsy's Hope

Gypsy's Hope

Healing on all levels of our Physical, Energetic, & Galactic Bodies
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I am one of those people who has been able to do Reiki naturally since childhood. I have a knack for seeing different energies whether they be ghost, spirit, alien, etc. I decided in 2016 to embrace my gifts and start on my reiki path. Little did I know where it would take me. Almost as soon as I started my journey and learning how to tune in, I discovered I am able to see people’s past, present, and possible future lives, whether human life, or alien. Through that journey I also have learned I am able to see folks Alien DNA, or Spiritual DNA.
Through this education between my Guides, Higher-Self, human teachers, and others, I have learned how to use all my talents in helping people with their Shadow Work (Spiritual Traumas), why a mental / emotional pain transformed into a physical pain, or other issues. I combine all my talents to help my client help themselves. I am available in person or video for all appointments, and classes. Please see website for more information.
Certifications: Reiki 2016 (MT 2020), Reflexology 2017, Akashic Records 2019, Healing Hand Mudras 2022.

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6726 W Morgan Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States


Tel: 5108471660
Mob: 414-436-9667


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Started 2016 Level I Certificate Completed: 2020 Master Teacher Certificate. Cheri Hawk, BFA, LMT, Reiki Master Teacher - Unified Body Wellness Institute
Susan Cossette, BCTMB, Instructor - Owner of Health & Healing Zone
Pilar Gonzalez, Ruby Moon Healing, & Ascended Gifts May 2019 Pilar Gonzalez, Ruby Moon Healing, Advanced Class Jan 2021
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