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I am an author, Usui Reiki and Karuna Master and Teacher, Certified Angel Tarot Reader/Teacher and Certified Angelic healer and Teacher and psychic medium. Currently, I am on the Shamanic Healer Path and I could not be any happier.  My Facebook group hosts about 2K members, some of which have begun their own journey with me in my Spiritual Development Courses and that is another reason I am so blissful.

I have been called to begin developing Guided Meditations and soon realized the reason why both my husband and I graduated as Sound Recording Engineers at Full Sail University. It was part of the bridge we developed for our future to get us to this point.  As a singer/songwriter, the journey has been unremarkable but only because my music style is not that which many could appreciate. This is where we are today, and I am pleased that there is a growing need for guided meditations and spiritual music. That is what we have been rehearsing for in the last 20 years.

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    This is a sample of the Professional Tarot Card Reader Certificate.
  • USUI REIKI LEVEL 1 Nov 30 -0001
  • USUI REIKI LEVEL 2 Nov 30 -0001
  • REIKI MASTER LEVEL Nov 30 -0001
Learning Reiki is a great starting point for experiencing and working with healing energy and a wonderful method for deepening awareness of universal energy. In general, Reiki complements other healing methods and spiritual practices, as it follows no religious beliefs. There are no right or wrong rules about how to approach starting Reiki. Listen to your heart and you will be guided in choosing the right experiences and teacher(s) for you. This first degree Usui Reiki opens the energy channel and allows you, the student, to channel Reiki mainly at the physical level for you and others. This is the initial Reiki method you learn. It is the "hands on" approach. You will receive a personal one on one video chat attunement with me with coaching. Go to and register for your class today.
In this course, you will learn this beautiful gift of reading angel tarot cards efficiently and without the fluff. You will understand the structure of different tarot cards, learn to use your Guardian Angel as a proxy in your readings, how not to use your personal and private energy when reading for others, learn symbolism of each card, and how to use multiple decks for confirmations. You will create your own unique spreads and begin the thinking process on making your own tarot cards for personal use or to sell commercially. We will work on ethics and boundaries and how to clear your spaces efficiently so that spiritual cooties are never a problem. Go to and register for your class today. Thank you.
Service animals need protection as well. Animals are in this world to teach humanity what unconditional love is all about. Therefore, they are the perfect candidates to receive the Level 1 Reiki attunement. This course is for you, the pet owner as well as your pet. Once your pet has received their attunement, they will then be able to help in your daily healing. Reiki always knows what to do and where to go. Go to and register for this course today.
Reiki for kids is a form of self defense for your children. In this course, they will learn how they are not alone and can obtain all the help they need, daily. Parents are encouraged to be part of this course while their youngsters are learning so that they can become in tune with what is happening and follow their progression through out their lives right after their Level 1 attunement. Your child will learn to heal themselves with Reiki for any anxiety, fear, loneliness, etc. They will learn the reasons why they need to keep their bodies healthy by abstaining from drugs, alcohol and making bad choices. Replacing back choices with good ones will ensure they will be very successful and knowing they can apply this healing concept to family and friends as well as themselves, they will be successfully engaging in their fruitful lives with the full backing of their families. Parents need to be present during the classes and during the attunement. Go to and register for this class today.
This 2 hour personal pendulum course is designed to help you with decisions that need to be made. This course will allow you to learn how to use the pendulum for your personal choices and when you become experienced and comfortable, you will be able to rely on your own intuition and higher guidance. You will learn to make your own charts, based on the the issue you need to conquer as well as train your personal pendulum and recalibrate as needed. You will also learn how to create your safe space and how to care for your pendulum. Go to and register for this class today. Thank you.
Level 2 Reiki is the continuation of the first level. You must have the attunement for level 1 first prior to receiving attunement and Reiki 2 symbols to use. The level 2 Reiki symbols allow the therapist to connect at a deeper level to the universal life forge energy as well as be able to draw from the qualities of each of the symbols are trained to do so. The abilities you gain is to be able to provide distance Reiki, or sending healing energy to individual wherever they may be. These symbols also can be used to clear energy blockages across time. This course is on your own time. We have licensed PDF books. The attunement is performed live via Zoom chat always. A written test will be provided prior to scheduling the attunement so that we can be assured of your responsibilities of being a Reiki therapist. A passing grade will grant you a certificate. Please go to and register for this class.
Receiving the Master attunement represents a deep desire and commitment to the Reiki practice. While some people desire obtaining both the Level 2 certification as well as the Master together, I feel the energies at hand here need to be considered extremely important to savour at their respective time in each of the attunements. That being said, I prefer to attune your body to channel and send Reiki energy one level at a time. The body does need time to adjust and the practice of that Reiki level is essential so that you can work with the ethical and moral aspect of this method. Many therapists do not even request this level until they have been using Level 2 proficiently and the Master Reiki energy guides you to obtain it. So meditation is essential to find out if you are even on that path to begin with. Attunements are performed live via Zoom chat and a test will be provided. You will be expected to write prescriptions with your Reiki symbols on a variety of circumstances. If you pass, you will receive your attunement and a diploma. Go to and register for this course. Pre-requisite: Usui Method Levels 1 and 2
Spiritual awakenings can be full of surprises - some of which can be overwhelming. If I were to tell you that you can enjoy an awakening after you have enrolled in a course that explains and guides you through your awakening exists? Yes. This course will help you in any stage you find yourself in your awakening. Furthermore, it helps the already practicing empath to expand in their enlightenment, even if you have already been a seasoned veteran of your spiritual awakening. This course is a Spiritual Wellness Journey. You obtain two certifications at the end of the course. The course allows you to take, test and receive a diploma for Angel Tarot Card Reader as well as obtaining your Usui Reiki Level 1 certification and attunement so that you can practice this healing method as you go about your course. One on One time with me clearing your chakras and performing auric pushes is also part of the course. This is a course that can take 6-12 months, depending on you. It is affordable and easy to go through and you will find yourself at your best when you reach 1/2 way through. Go to and register for this course.

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