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Welcome to the Accredited Professional Aromatherapy For Wellness And A Healthy Lifestyle 2 Course We will recap the safety and mixing guidelines that you learnt in your previous course as these are fundamentally important to ensure you are correctly using the essential oils. In this level of the training we will look at how you can use essential oils and aromatherapy techniques to aid health and wellness. We will look at common ailments and the recommended essential oils for those as well as looking at the vast array of essential oils and their methods of application and uses. . New to this course is the Essential Oils and Pets section to help you work with your pets heath and wellbeing at home as well as a section dedicated to essential oils and children who are much more sensitive to the oils than us adults so need an adapted approach to dosage.
In this little course he delves into the medical issues associated with menopause, what the lack of hormones will do to you (in some incredible detailed exclusive reports), the history of some key oils that can apparently alleviate menopause symptoms, and some of the benefits you might expect from their use.
Intensive Energy Medicine training and certification with Sabine Pettit of Pacific Essences ( in the tradition of Chinese Medicine and Plant Medicines.
Full year Intuitive Healing certification program - The Confident Healer: An Intensive Intuitive Healers Certification - founder, creator, instructor.
I am am the creator of the Intuitive Energy Massage Practitioners Certification®, an innovative, new energy healing modality combining elements of Reiki, Pranic Healing, Massage, Acupressure, Body Talk and Intuitive Counselling This is a three level certified training system.
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