Meghan Wilson

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Integrative Health Practitioner
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Meghan has degree qualifications in Public Health, Nutrition and Health Promotion and through her own personal health struggles and fertility searched for a deeper level of healing, now being a mum she felt compelled to share this knowledge with others and has gone on to become a passionate Certified Integrative Health Practitioner who studied under Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, Ayurvedic and Functional Medicine Practitioner Stephen Cabral.

As an Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP) Meghan pulls from 7 disciplines depending on what each individual needs to reach balance again. The 7 disciplines include Ayurvedic Medicine, Bioregulatory Medicine, Chinese Medicine & Herbalism, Eastern Philosophy, Traditional Naturopathy, Orthomolecular Medicine and Functional Medicine. This unique combination allows Meghan to assess each client individually and customise a realistic and achievable wellness plan according to their body type, lifestyle, health concerns, imbalances, budget and goals.

Meghan’s passion is to holistically support women to reduce toxicities, rebalance their deficiencies and allow their bodies to reach equilibrium to prepare for conception, rebalance hormones and/or general health and vitality. She loves helping women to get the answers they have been searching for and to take their health back into their own hands naturally. Meghan supports women through functional medicine lab testing, detoxification support and diet and lifestyle recommendations to achieve their wellness goals allowing her clients the health and vitality to live a life filled with what really matters to them.

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