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My Story

Hi, I am Mohmood, and I have spent my life devoted to the practice of spiritual awakening and helping others expand their consciousness.

In modern society, we have been lead to believe that happiness comes from material success or external surroundings. There is nothing wrong with working hard to acheive your goals. However, we get so caught-up with our material lives that we forget to keep a balance with all the other important aspects of our being. Through transforming our minds and hearts and awakening to a deeper spiritual consciousness, we can strive to lead a happier, balanced and more fulfilling life. I hope some of these tools can help you access those inner moments of happiness and bliss that we are all searching for!

Mohmood Valimohamed
Director, Center for Inner Awakening


Mohmood is a Spiritual Healer and Meditation Teacher certified in:

​Spiritual Counseling, Professional Relaxation Therapy, Basic Ayurveda, Past Life Regression Therapy, Nutrition, Iridology, various methods of Meditation and is a Reiki Master

​He is the author of “Book of Wisdom”, “The Art of Witnessing”, “The Art of Forgiveness & Love”

​He has created a YouTube channel and published videos on: Religion & Spirituality, Different Levels of Consciousness, The Five Bodies of a Human, Forgiveness, Karma and more.

​He is the founder of The Inner Awakening Meditation & Healing Program – IAM, The Art of Witnessing and The Art of Forgiveness & Love online certification programs.

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A complete program that combines the principles of Energy Healing, Reiki, Meditation, Deep Breathing & Visualizations
Learning how to live consciously in the moment
Through Science and Spirituality, learn about the importance of Forgiveness!
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