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Somatic Therapist – Dynamic Space Holder – Trauma informed – Yogi – Breathworker – Embodied Processing & Focusing Practitioner

Mindset Coach – At the root of every disempowering belief/story and pattern is an incomplete emotional cycle – a maladaptive and automatic reaction that was once a useful coping strategy designed to keep you safe. One that did indeed keep you safe. But now it o longer serves you, yet its still unconsciously driving your bus so to speak – right off the damn cliff! Over and over again.

Maybe you ‘re a people pleaser or an overachiever. Perhaps you never finish things. Or you use drugs, food or alcohol to a level that is disruptive and unhealthy to your life and relationships. I can safely and gently support you to get to the bottom what is driving these behaviours, to once and for all FEEL the stuck emotions/story/trauma so that you may process it all and heal.

Guiding you to safely connect to the felt sense to FEEL your way to improved mental, physical & emotional health

We all have the capacity to heal ourselves when given the tools & support. Through the various of Somatic practices I’ve used myself on my own healing journey, I can safely guide you on yours, where we welcome those fragmented and incomplete emotional cycles home and so you back to your whole Self.


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100 E Point Rd NT, Fannie Bay, Australia


Mob: 0422 158 942


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Supported deep dive exploration into the felt sense.
More than a physical practice, Yoga teacher trying dives int ancient Hindu philosophy
A somatic practice using breath to anchor & ground you in the present where your body can begin to process stuck emotions and stories...
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