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Natasha founded and created Free Your Mind in 2013 stemming from her personal experience of growing up around domestic violence trauma and recovery – along with her infectious passion for healing. She is First Aid and Mental Health First Aid trained (Youth and Adult) by Mental Health First Aid England. Elected Council Governor for North East London’s NHS Foundation Trust and a few other advisory groups.

Natasha is a Holistic Therapist and Certfied Trauma Professional (CTP) trained in the following, Cognitive behavioural therapy, Solution based counselling, Reiki Therapy and teaching, The Emotional Freedom Technique, Restorative Justice.

In 2013 Natasha was nominated for an Inspirational Woman of The Year Award by national newspaper The Daily Mail and in 2014 was nominated for 3 other awards: Motivational and inspirational business woman of the year by EBR, a National Diversity award, A back to black at Bafta award, a Beffta Award and won a social entrepreneurship Award by Unltd and finished 2014  with a certificate of recognition at the London Leadership and Peace Awards and recently was awarded a Star Award at the Lift effects Extraordinary lady speaks conference. In 2018 she was voted on of the people who make the world a better place for people by the Independent newspaper appearing at number 10 on its annual Happy List.

This year Natasha was recognised by the Mayor of London on International Womens Day as one of the women that make London better.

Most recently is Natasha is the current Inspirational woman of the year award given in October 2019 by the ITV show Lorraine and in November was recognised on the WISE100 list as an Anchor woman a woman For women who keep things moving, get things done, often behind the scenes, and may not necessarily be defined as a leader in social enterprise. Aswell as appearing on many tv shows, newspapers and magazines.

Free Your Mind is a London based not for profit service that supports individuals that have experienced childhood domestic violence and mental illness as a result of the trauma, the services team of trained professionals with lived experience have worked with hundreds of children over the years.

1 in 3 children will have an issue with mental illness directly linked to the experience of seeing domestic violence at home. On a whole 1.8 million children are affected across the UK. Through our workshops, awareness campaigns and support services, we aim to give them the tools to look after their own happiness and well being, and to promote the importance of having healthy relationships.

Natasha has been studying Trauma recovery, mental health and wellbeing for the past 9 years and the author of 2 books.

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