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The modalities I am a qualified practitioner in and am very passionate about are Root Cause Therapy and Embodied Processing (somatic). I became incredibly inspired by them for the support they offer, deep inner shifts and the connection to self they can create.
These amazing modalities go deeper than talk therapy and are a beautiful way to learn so much about ourselves and our ‘why’ behind the patterns and behaviours we have.

Adding to these modalities, I am also Trauma Informed meaning I have training and a deep understanding of trauma and how to hold a safe, nurturing space.
I love how these modalities allow us to cultivate real change, from getting to understand ourselves deeply, to dropping our shame and bringing in compassion.

Let me help you shift shame and create alignment within.



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, Pakenham, Victoria, Australia


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Centre for Healing Root Cause Therapist Level 1 and 2
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