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My name is Niki 🙂 I am one of two practitioners and business partner at Vital Space Nexus.

I have a diverse training background with certifications in Spiritual Life Coaching, Healing modalities such as Pellowah, Vortex Healing® and Karmic Release and Embodied Processing. I also hold a Cert IV Disability Support.

Multidimensional regulation and trauma informed coaching are my specialties, with Embodied Processing as the fundamental practice I use to assist clients in realising their whole-ness and to help ‘welcome home’ their undigested life experiences.

I love to help those who are willing, committed and curious. My intention is to hold beautiful and loving space for you as we journey together into what is ready to be felt, co-regulate human to human and to witness you with support and encouragement as you engage with your own unique process.

Group Work and Online Courses:

Occasionally I facilitate group work, online and in person, and present or speak at events.

Vital Space Nexus also have a self-paced online course available called The Reset and Regulate Method: that brings awareness to nervous system regulation and helps clients to set up their own tailored plan to maintain a balanced and regulated lifestyle. (More information on our website.)

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GEELONG, Geelong, Australia


-38.0989121, 144.3287419


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