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Hi, my name is Nina I founded “The Healer’s Way,” I am a Psychic and Healer.

My role and purpose in life is to address behaviors that undermine and sabotage our desires and abilities to achieve what we want, to heal the past (in this life and any others) and to bring fourth the life of joy and adventure you truly desire.

I have been on a journey with spirit since I was little, I have been able to see my Angels, those who have passed over and guides for as long as I can remember. It has not always been easy, but as I found more and more souls like me, I discovered so many amazing experiences as a result of just allowing my inner compass or intuition to guide me.

Trusting yourself is a major milestone, as we were almost all brought up with the conditioning that someone else knows better for us than we do. This is totally untrue of course, but it does leave a mark.

By using tried and tested, ancient processes and systems, together we can address and heal the past, hurts, traumas, ancestral lines etc. bring closure to them, heal them and put them to rest. When the stories no longer run our lives, we are free to allow our gifts and talents to emerge and live the life of joy we truly deserve and desire.

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This in-depth 8 week course will give you the support, confidence and community you need to expand and develop our more spiritual gifts and tools. The course content and materials are online and self-paced combined with weekly live trainings. Subjects we cover are: Understand & develop your intuition How to address, heal and clear blocks, patterns and beliefs How to use divining tools - Runes, Tarot/Oracle cards & the Pendulum Master manifestation techniques Connecting with your guides/spirit team and soul path How to strengthen your mediumship abilities Learn how to use tools such as singing bowls, forks and sound to raise vibration Dive into Past Lives and the akashic records The good, the bad and the ugly side of psychic skills, and how to use discernment and boundaries to empower you in your connections with spirit. Shadow work, what it is and how to work through it. Learn about and develop the Clairs (psychic senses) Tools for healing - Reiki, Theta, Singing Bowls etc Weekly LIVE trainings! Certificate upon completing course, content, testing and handbooks.
Hello and welcome to the exciting journey of Reiki Healing. My courses are only ever run with a maximum of 2 people face to face to ensure the upmost in practical hands-on experience as well as one on one development time. 1st Degree Reiki - Master Self- Healing 2nd degree Reiki - become a practitioner and practice on others Reiki Master - Mastering Self-healing and the Healing of others Each course is run over two days On going support and development in your Reiki Journey. Everyone must first complete 1st degree Reiki in order to progress to the higher levels . Previous qualifications will be needed when wishing to commence at 2nd Degree and Master levels. Master a variety of basic angel readings for yourself and others. Course Materials, tea and coffee are provided throughout the course.
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