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Contemporary Tarot Therapist Society is a training provider which is based in Hong Kong, mainly providing training for Asia people. Rider Watie Tarot is our main training course. In addition, we also provide different courses to the public to increase the diversity and interesting of training types and also to assist the public to have a deep understanding of tarot therapy. Through different types of training courses, our training purpose aims to assist the public could master the use of the tools.


The significance of therapy helps people learn how our own mind works. It allows us to navigate our feelings, build healthier habits, and change our mindset so that our life looks more like we want. We emphasize that these tools are only related to subconscious reflections, and it is unrelated to occultism.


The reason why the tarot therapy take place is because, when people is facing a challenge in life, our consciousness is often hinder by our mental blind spots. We are unable to see clearly our inner needs. Therefore, we need a tool for subconscious reflection. When we utilize the tools to connect to our subconscious, we will truly understand our mind. The therapy is effective when the transformation is happening – no matter the changes is big or small.


We had a vision that we believe everyone has access to quality professional tarot therapy to thrive.


Therefore, our society embrace a mission that we dedicate to building a community that advances the profession of tarot therapy to improve the mental health of society. We aim to promote the professional development of therapist, advocate for the profession, and ensure ethical, culturally-inclusive practices that protect those using tarot therapy services.


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Room 433 4th Floor Beverley Commercial Centre No. 87-105 Chatham Road South Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Mob: +852 60774406


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